7 Interesting Observations About Taiwan Girls

Taiwan is an interesting place. The country certainly doesn’t have a reputation like Thailand, but I enjoyed my time here. And one of the reasons I see myself coming back to Taipei is the Taiwan girls.

These unique beauties were unlike most of the other girls I had met in Asia.

They had a special draw to them that was hard to put a finger on. They weren’t crazy easy like in the Philippines. They weren’t stunning like the Korean girls.

But I quickly became a huge fan of the Taiwan girls. After I left, I finally figured out why. It took me quite some time, but I was able to put a finger on it. What made Taiwanese women so special to me?

Observations About Taiwan Girls

Interested in going to Taipei and seducing some stunning Taiwanese women? Here’s what I learn about the lovely ladies in the country during my travels:

Not as Easy

A sharp dressed foreign guy can do quite well for himself in Taipei. He’ll definitely meet some fine Taipei girls. However, this place isn’t exactly pussy paradise. You won’t be lining up three dates a day from Tinder. A one-night-stand isn’t going to fall into your lap every night.

No, this isn’t Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines. If you want to get high quality girls in Taiwan on a consistent basis, then you’ll have to work for it. It’s definitely possible here, but more effort will be needed.

To get the type of girls you want with the type of quantity you want in Taiwan, you’ll need to hit a mix of Tinder, day game, and night game. Only with a lot of effort will you truly find the type of sex life you want in Taipei.

Level of Attractiveness

While it won’t be like shooting fish in a barrel here, there is some good news. Girls in Taiwan are pretty damn hot, especially the ones you see out at the nicer clubs here. I’m talking places like Myst, Luxy, or Roxy 99.

Taiwan girls are definitely hotter than girls in the Philippines, Thai girls, and Indonesian chicks. However, they’re not as hot as other Asian countries on average. Girls in Japan and Korea tend to take the cake as the hottest Asian girls – in your author’s humble opinion.

Still, the girls in Taiwan put up a nice fight and you can find some stunners here. There are a plethora of “7s” ripe for the picking here and making some sweet sex to 1-3 new Taiwanese girls a week is definitely doable with a solid amount of effort.

White Guys Equal Status

Well, apparently Taiwan women equate foreign guys with having big penises. And we all know that’s not a bad thing anywhere in the world 😉 As such, you’ll notice that a number of women in Taiwan prefer to date white guys and foreign guys over local men in Taiwan.

And it’s not just about the package. For some reason, Taiwan chicks seem to dream and fetishize Western culture. One can only surmise that Disney movies played a huge role in the ideal.

You’ll see relationships between a white guy and a Taiwan woman shoved down the throats of Taiwanese culture. Some chicks have even become local “celebrities” because they spam their relationship with a foreigner all over social media.

The why is certainly up for discussion, as I didn’t put a finger on it exactly. I don’t think it’s simply a “hot dog” issue. But there is no denying that Taiwanese girls love relationships with foreign guys. It’s a sort of status play.

While foreign guys definitely have some status here, it’s still not that easy to get laid. Taiwan just isn’t as open of a culture sexually as other Asian countries.

Highly Educated Girls, Good English

One reason for the love of Western culture is the education levels of girls in Taiwan. There are a number of Asian countries were the women are continually educating themselves. However, I’m not sure many places compare to Taipei.

I had a tough time even meeting a girl who wasn’t educated or in university. On top of that, almost all of them had jobs, too. These aren’t lazy girls looking to find a foreigner to take care of them.


They are hard workers and intelligent.

To top it off, Taiwan girls have great English levels. While this isn’t the Philippines, you’ll find high-level English in Taiwan. I was fairly impressed. Most girls in Taipei go above and beyond to learn near fluent English. This is part due to their love of Western culture and part due to their high intelligence levels.

Either way, it makes dating fun in Taiwan. Girls aren’t too concerned about your cash and you can hold a real conversation. Date topics off involve culture, politics, and other interesting conversations.

Somewhat Superficial

Even with the high intelligence levels and great English, girls will still be girls. And Taiwanese women are no different. While these chicks won’t make deliberate money grabs, they are still somewhat superficial.

I loved a lot about the Taiwan girls, but I’d never describe them as down to earth. These chicks are somewhat sophisticated and usually have finer tastes in clothing, food, and lifestyle than most other Asian chicks.

This fact goes hand-in-hand with their fascination with white guys. As foreign men are seen as status symbols, all the girls just have to have one. Or at least try a foreign guy. It’s a little superficial from my point of view.

Party Girls Galore

If you’re in Taipei, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Taiwan girl that doesn’t like to hit the nightclubs on the regular. People in Taiwan love to party. It’s a way of life in the country. Or maybe I just spent way too much time inside the clubs in Taipei…

The funny thing was that even the Taiwan girls who loved to party seemed like “good girls” in a sense. For some reason, a number of the chicks I met in clubs in Taipei had an innocent vibe to them that was hard to put a finger on.

Don’t get too carried away with the innocence, though. I saw chicks dancing, making out, and going home with guys they just met at clubs in Taipei – including a few times by yours truly 😉

Taiwan Girls Don’t Drink Much

While these girls love to go out and “party” quite often, they rarely get hammered. This isn’t like the West where people go out to get wasted. I didn’t meet a single Taiwanese girl who had more than three drinks my whole time in the country.

Most chicks would have one drink on a night out or on a date. I’d have to push girls in Taiwan to get them to drink a cocktail at the bar and a glass of wine at my place. The chicks are smaller and get drunk quickly, so I guess it makes sense.

Just don’t think because a Taiwanese chick is a “party” girl that she drinks a lot. I can almost guarantee she doesn’t. The good news is you don’t have to get a girl in Taiwan drunk to get her horny.

Girls in Taiwan – Closing Thoughts

I was pretty fond of the chicks in Taiwan. While Taiwan (as a country) gets fairly boring after about 5-7 weeks, the women here are pretty solid. If you’re looking for an under-the-radar spot in Asia to meet women, Taiwan may fit the bill.

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