Welcome to Life Around Asia!

I decided to start this blog after my digital nomad experience in a few Asian countries. What initially was supposed to be a quick trip to Thailand ended up as a massive exploration of the surrounding countries and more, with me ending up in off the beaten path places like Mongolia or Kazakhstan – both of which are truly amazing places.

Since my initial plan for the blog was to talk about my dating adventures and opinions about the women I met during my travels, I decided to write under a pseudonym – Ben Bangerson. Yes, I was a LOT younger when I started and I couldn’t think about more. Ha!

But Ben did stick as people started calling me that, so I decided to continue with my persona. No harm done, because all my experiences are genuine and are based on me actually visiting these places, interacting with people and forming an opinion.

The goal of this blog, therefore, is to tell you everything about Life Around Asia, but not like your regular travel blog does: I will focus more on the human-interaction part, talking about the ladies (and having female DNs talk about men too!), about the culture in these amazing places and generally taking a different approach to everything.

Hopefully it works and you’ll enjoy your time spent here and most importantly, you will learn a thing or two!