Breaking Down Asian Girls by Region

Asian girls… ah, those elusive creatures. So elusive, in fact, that they make up 60% of the world’s female population.

Since “Asian” is such a vague word, I’ve decided to try and break them down by region. Because, trust me, mainland Chinese girls are nothing like Malaysians or Koreans. Read on to find why!

Chinese Girls: There Are So Many

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China itself deserves a division by region. With 1.3 billion of them, it’s safe to say Chinese girls are pretty damn diverse. Still, there are some common traits you’ll notice, especially in big cities.

First off, complexion. Women like model Angelababy and television personality Sūnlì embody Chinese beauty standards. Perfect fair skin is the ideal.

That’s why Chinese girls avoid the sun by all means necessary (and through some excessive methods, too). They wouldn’t go out without a ton of sunscreen and an umbrella.

Being tall and slim is the other huge beauty standard. Most Asian girls are naturally shorter.

There are now some (incredibly disturbing) medical solutions to that. Leg-lengthening is when they break both your legs and insert giant steel pins. You could gain up to 5 inches in height and the trend is growing.

It’s an expensive and very painful procedure but China is very height-conscious. Even places like law school have a height requirement.

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The Sweet Southern Girl

Northern and Southern Chinese girls seem to be polar opposites. While in the North they are more Westernized, more independent, and a whole lot wilder, the typical Southern woman is girly and sweet.

Delicacy, being gentle, and caring are the Southern girl’s main values. There is even a word for that – 温柔 wen rou, gentle.

Asian girls from China are also very caring of their friends and family. Most of them grew up without siblings and so their peers become family.

Younger cousins, nieces, and nephews receive a lot of attention from their older relatives. The Southern girl (and Chinese girls in general) love kids, even if they had no siblings of their own.

Korean Girls: Do They All Look Like K-Pop Stars?

Korean girls are slightly crazy – in a good way. They’re fun, though.

Let’s take phone rules, for instance. If you are going to be dating in Korea, make sure you know that.

Always respond to messages – if you’ve been online and haven’t answered her, prepare for a fight. Text her good morning and good night. Call her often – at least once a day but ideally a lot more.

And no, it doesn’t matter if you actually have something to say. Korean girls love the attention. If she’s not getting it from you, she will act out – yes, even if she is a completely grown-up, adult woman.

Your relationship needs to be properly represented on social media. Selfies, Snapchat and Instagram stories, couple’s wallpapers, weird couple’s apps that track your memories, celebrating 10-day “anniversaries”.

In many ways, dating a Korean girl feels like you’re dating a middle schooler in an adult body.

Speaking of adult body, Koreans are also obsessed with appearing slim. When you look at Korean celebrities, you’ll quickly notice one trend – there are no chubby ones.

Korea’s tolerance for fat is what you call a work in progress. As in, everyone is progressing toward a slimmer future.

Since getting fat is the worst thing that could possibly happen to a Korean girl… Well, you already know the answer to “Does this make me look fat?”

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The Asian Girls Of Japan

japanese girls

There is an on-going myth that Japanese girls are all obsessed with foreigners. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unlike the countries in Southeast Asia, Japan is a very economically developed and technologically advanced country. They built a country over the ashes of World War II  by having some of the world’s strongest work ethics.

In Japan, both men and women are career-driven. It’s a real problem now – nobody is having babies because there’s no time for babies.

People are becoming alienated, they run the rat race, fall asleep on the train or on your workplace, out of sheer exhaustion (it’s called inemuri and it is actually praised), and they never seem to have time to date.

The other issue with Japanese girls is they see Western men as womenizers, “charai”. Even if you’re a perfectly decent human, you start out with that stereotype. Women would close down and become unreceptive, simply because they think you’ll “play” them.

But there are some perks to dating Japanese women. They are very accommodating and diplomatic.

Most Japanese girls wouldn’t create drama for nothing, they are grounded and humble. In relationships, Japanese women are easy to reason with because they do know how to compromise.

A lot of Japanese parents are raising their kids to be independent from a very young age. It’s not uncommon to send out your kid to school alone. With the train.

And he or she will have to change lines. Japanese parents are comfortable with that and they teach their children to rely on themselves.

Dating a Japanese woman is refreshingly simple. She is self-sufficient, that’s how she has always been. This makes for a very healthy outlook on relationships.

Japanese girls still have interests outside the couple, they wouldn’t smother you with their love, they are caring but they understand you also need time with buddies.

Basically, the Japanese are the cool Asian girls. If you manage to get one, consider yourself very lucky.

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Southeast Asian Girls

Southeast Asia includes countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. Yes, countries that are famous for the beauty of the ladies and their love for foreigners.

At the same time, women in these countries are very conservative. I wouldn’t even consider the “workers” to be datable Asian girls. They are in it for the money.

You could sleep with or even date one but it would be like a business transaction. That’s not what most of us want.

Normal Southeast Asian girls are sweet, they are very feminine, and they love to take care of their loved ones. They are highly recommended as wife material and great for longer term relationships.

In terms of conservativeness, these ladies are not extremely prudish but they do guard their modesty.

A large part of the reason why they act so shy is not to appear slutty. I’m not completely sold on how innocent they really are, though.

In Southeast Asia, people live in very tightly knit communities. Gossip spreads fast and if you care what other people think (which Asian girls do), you don’t mess around. Seriously, it’s not a price worth paying.

But when it comes to foreigners, some good girls turn surprisingly bad. You’re a stranger, nobody knows you, you couldn’t even tell anyone because of the language barrier. That makes you the perfect one-night stand.

If I had to categorise Southeast Asian girls, they’re:

  • Sweet and modest, dreaming of a family
  • Happy to use their beauty to get money

The catch is those sweet girls could turn out to be pros. They might also not see you as husband material. You know what helps here? Your common sense. Here’s my golden rule:

Condoms and no cash. 

If you just met that person you:

a) don’t know their intentions

b) can’t be sure of their STD history

As long as you stay safe in both respects the worst thing you can catch are feelings. And if you want to go a bit more in depth with each region, I have covered these amazing ladies in previous articles. Check them out:

Big Cities Vs Rural Areas

In Southeast Asia, there is a visible difference between tourist places and the rest of the country. Take Thailand for example. People are flocking there every year. It’s beautiful and cheap, making it the perfect vacation spot.

In Bangkok, girls are noticeably Westernized. They still have a long way to go (thankfully!) but they’re more open, they speak better English, and they have a sassier attitude. In rural areas, girls are the complete opposite. Some wouldn’t even look you in the eye.

The tough part with Southeast Asian girls is they range from promiscuous with great English, or sweet and virginal but with zero language skills.

If you go out with a small town girl, don’t expect big conversation. Enjoy the fact that you have a beautiful woman on your hand and be patient. If you plan on something serious (which most good girls do, and they would drop you if you’re not husband material), she will learn eventually.

Focus on getting to know her as much as you can. Knowing a bit of her language helps, too.

In some parts of Southeast Asia, people would be very curious about you. In others, they are used to foreigners.

Be aware of your advantage and use it when you can – for instance, Vietnamese girls seem to be fascinated by Western culture.

Wrapping up

As a final note, Asian girls outside of Asia are a completely different subject. Even when they grew up in conservative families, they were still in school with Western kids, watched Western TV, were living the Western lifestyle.

For most of them, there is essentially no difference. Granted, the traditions and culture may differ. In terms of dating and relationships, though, they are just like any other Western girl.

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