The Ultimate Guide to Asian Women

Asian women are wildly popular with Western men. Whether it’s their exotic beauty, their sweet character, or all the stereotypes that surround them, these girls really don’t lack attention. The trouble is guys don’t know how to approach them.

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I bet! You Googled tips on dating Asian women to land here, right? Welcome, this is your ultimate guide to doing just that!

When cultures clash, challenges are inevitable. Fortunately, you have us and we will prepare you as best we can!

What Are Asian Women Like?

Let me tell what they’re not like.

They are not either devils or saints, no in-between. There is plenty in between! Cultures vary and Asia is huge. Still, there is one type that persists. The elusive good Asian girl is what most guys want.

It doesn’t matter if she’s from Vietnam or Indonesia or even Mongolia, here is how you recognize her:

Her House Is Clean And Beautifully Decorated

Asian women are pros at work-life balance. Even though they have careers, Asians prioritize creating a comfortable home.

Sure enough, they complain sometimes. In some parts, complaining is a national sport. But maintaining a beautiful home environment comes naturally.

Whether she lives with a roommate or her family, a “good Asian girl” makes it a point to help out at home.

Oh, and by the way, you will have to take off your shoes. Better make sure you’re wearing clean socks and that you use some sort of anti-odour smell.

There is no Asian girl that would have you dragging in dirt from the street but BO can ruin the romance faster than anything!

She Doesn’t Flirt Casually

Asian women tend to be more shy, and more introverted, than in Europe or the US. Dating and marriage are taken seriously.

After all, that’s what she saw in her own family. Asian girls wouldn’t even think of cheating – they consider it disrespectful to both their partner and themselves.

For that same reason, nice Asian girls aren’t very big flirts. They are looking for the one. Once they find him, it’s endgame. Sorry boys, no time for distractions.

asian women

She Is Devoted To The Relationship

Asian women are not all submissive hentai girls. They come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing is sure: an Asian girl truly commits to her relationships.

Some of these women could border on clingy. Trust me, it comes from a place of love.

Asian dating culture is a bit awkward at first. Neither girls, nor guys really know what they are doing.

There is a great VICE documentary on that . Basically, people are putting relationships and family on the back burner because they’re so difficult.

When an Asian girl does get a serious boyfriend, she appreciates how lucky both of them are.

There are hundreds of ways to celebrate the relationship – from cutesy love apps to wearing matching styles.

Love it or hate it, one thing is for sure – Asian women would value you as a partner and make a strong effort to sustain and grow the relationship.

She Wants Kids

Being childfree is fun, but in most Asian cultures it’s seen as a life wasted. Leaving a legacy through your children is deeply woven in the way people think.

Asian girls are rarely down for marriage without children. The natural progression of a relationship, they think, is that it goes on to become a marriage and a baby carriage.

How NOT To Date Asian Women

There are some no-no’s that you shouldn’t even consider. Since so many guys do them, though, I had to include them. Please, for the sake of common human decency, don’t do any of these.

asian women

Don’t Announce Your Yellow Fever

Honestly, reconsider your yellow fever. It’s fine to have a type – we all do. But if you seek out Asian chicks because you expect them to be the sweet, silent, submissive type, reconsider.

Let me have the unpopular opinion here and say that Asians don’t mind cultural appropriation as much as you think.

Wearing a traditionally Asian garment or having a calligraphy scroll in your house is fine. What is not fine (and it will put off most Asians) is to act more Asian than she is.

It’s her culture and you are allowed to appreciate it. Just… well, try not to express it in a creepy way. It’s serious deal-breaker plus it looks downright cringe-inducing.

Don’t Make Racial Jokes

Once again, that’s not even something you should consider. There so many other things to laugh about!

But if being a decent human is not reason enough, consider that it will also ruin your chances. Bad accents, stereotypes, pulling your eyelids to the side… Come on, we are not in the second grade!

Down With The Labels

As another guide on Asian women put it:

Treat your woman not as an Asian, but as a person.

I couldn’t agree more. What does Asian even mean anyway? It just shows where she’s from.

It isn’t even exact – Asia is a huge ass continent with all sorts of different people. Making assumptions based on the continent of origin is downright dumb.

Besides, consider what “I love Asian girls” actually says to her. You don’t like her for her, you like her for what you imagine Asians to be. Not only is this downright weird, it’s also the worst possible foundation for a future relationship.

Once again, it’s perfectly ok to have a type. Just try to look at the person beyond your specific preference as well.

Don’t Be A Pig

Some guys think Asian girls are easy to pick up. Wrong! If anything, they’re harder.

When you approach a hot Asian woman, act like you otherwise would. Your amazing and confident self should shine (isn’t that what makes flirting fun), but hers might as well.

Men get surprised by assertive Asian chicks all the time. And… I mean, why? Surely you can’t think Asia is an entire continent full of subservient and coy girls.

Besides, some women’s conservative upbringing makes them even more difficult. As Bob Marley once said:

If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you wont give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy…

I highly doubt that a lot of Asian women are into reggae. But, sure enough, they live up to this description. Guarding their modesty is a key priority for traditional girls.

They might be old-fashioned with it but you can only oblige. Be a gentleman, take the first step, and accept that she will be a bit of a challenge. This is the only way to an Asian girl’s heart.

asian women

Asian Girls In The West

Westernized Asian girls are no different than other women in your country. It’s literally just a race. And heck, where I live, there are hardly any Asians.

They could easily stick to their own tiny community. But they don’t. Honestly, the only thing that sets them apart is how they look.

That’s the sort of mentality you should have with Asian women in the West. Don’t assume they can’t speak English. Why not?

She might have spent her entire life in your country. She is as much American/ British/ European as you are. Which is why none of the following is appropriate when you approach her:

  • So where are you from? No, where are you from originally?
  • You must be so good at math!
  • Aren’t your parents pushing you to become a doctor? A lawyer then, maybe?
  • Teach me origami!
  • Teach me how to make sushi!
  • Tell me your real Japanese/Chinese name! (come on, she might not even be Japanese or Chinese)

Dating Life In Asia

Whether you’re travelling or relocating for the long run, a new culture would always come with surprises.

Consider yourself lucky to have the chance to explore. Also, try to meet some expats, they could guide you.

But when it comes to dating Asian girls in their native country, try not to act like “the foreigner”. I mean, don’t act more Asian than she is (we already covered that).

But simply relax and explore dating as you go. You would find so many similarities so there is no need to get hooked on the differences.

One thing I do find to be effective is… asking. Literally just asking a local what to do. Not everyone is comfortable discussing their personal life (or giving you tips on yours) but to be honest, most people are happy to help. It could even be a way to bond and make new friends.

And also ask her. Don’t tiptoe around your Asian girlfriend, always wondering if you’re doing something wrong. Simply ask her to tell you if something’s wrong.

And of course, 90% of the time she will not. Of course, she’ll pull the “You know what you did.” You will have fights.

But hey, all of this is ok, too. Relationships always involve some fights.

The bottom line is not to be intimidated. As the Romans said (centuries and centuries ago): I am human, I consider nothing human alien to me. Asian women are amazing but they don’t have to be tough to date. Relax and enjoy!

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