The Best Asian Dating Apps to Meet Girls Fast

Would you like to date in Asia? As a foreigner, that could be challenging. Locals don’t always speak great English. The culture difference is huge. The usual anxiety around meeting girls doubles. But thankfully, this is the 21st century and Asian dating apps are here to help.

In this article, we are looking at the most popular ones – the type that would really yield results. Read on and meet an Asian cutie today!

Tinder: The Fight For Number One of the Asian Dating Apps

In the West, Tinder is a staple. It’s not just a dating app, it has made its’ way into the language. We all know what the expression “swipe right” means, even if we’ve never even owned a smartphone!

In Asia, Tinder is also very popular but it has some serious competition. The app is at least 100 places ahead of its competitors in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines in terms of downloads. They are gaining some serious love from otherwise conservative communities.

But the culture itself doesn’t change.

Filipinas still want a decent relationship, the kind their Catholic parents have. The way people use Tinder is different throughout Asia. It’s smart to learn a bit about the local dating scene. This gives you some context for using Tinder.

Western girls wouldn’t usually look for a boyfriend on Tinder. Eastern girls might. Be very clear about your own expectations and intentions from the beginning. It makes the experience smoother and helps you avoid some drama.

Beetalk: Is It Here To Murder Tinder?

Beetalk, as they describe themselves, is:

Best chatting app with lots of fun features: Look Around, Flip, Whisper, Shake, Doodle, Stickers, Free Call, Voice chat, Group Chat, Group Vote.

It is a blend of Tinder, WeChat, and Snapchat. Instagram has also been getting worried – Beetalk is devouring Insta stories, just like it might devour Tinder.

As far as Asian dating apps go, Beetalk is the most well-rounded. It doesn’t feel like a dating app, which helps a lot. There is still some shame associated with online dating. Apps like Beetalk blur the line between social media and dating platform. VK has had similar success in Russia – although it didn’t start as an app, it’s success is due to the very same reason.

In Taiwan, Beetalk is a must-download app. Locals use it and love it. Southeast Asia is also a great place to use the app. Japan and Korea – not so much, but it could still be useful.

What Is The Chinese Tinder?

Tinder requires Facebook verification. There is no Facebook in China – in case you live under a rock, government censorship blocked Facebook because protesters were using it to communicate. Where there is no Facebook, there can be no Tinder.

Fortunately, there is a completely identical app on the Chinese market. Tantan has filled the ever-increasing demand for Asian dating apps. Obviously, it’s not popular outside China. It is a copycat app – it can’t hold against the original. However, if you are going to China, make sure you set up a Tantan profile. You wouldn’t even feel the lack of Tinder.

Facebook is a different story, but this isn’t an article on censorship in China.

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Momo: Another Chinese Alternative

Momo was released a year before Tinder and it has stuck around ever since. This homegrown Chinese app, which lets you browse and chat with strangers nearby.

When a Chinese comedian posted a video, calling Momo a magical tool to get laid the company was devastated. They’re not into the whole hookup app image. Sadly, it stuck. Right now, Momo is a one-night stand platform and that’s what most people expect.

Funnily enough, to reverse the image, the company has started “engaging the online community through various campaigns”, including one on stray animals in China. A noble cause, I’m sure, but you have to ask:

How the hell would that reverse your image?

Either way, if you are going to China, also consider Momo.

Tapple: A Japanese Tinder?

Tinder never quite made it in the Far East. These markets are notorious for shutting off Western brands and instead going for local produce, so to speak.

Tapple is Japan’s homegrown Tinder. People use it for casual sex, as much as they do for relationships. Unlike other apps on this list, Tapple has a paid feature.

Both men and women can register for free. Guys also have to pay a fee to be able to send Japanese women messages. This is a common feature of dating sites but in Japan it also extends to dating apps.

Tapple’s main appeal is it connects you with like-minded people. It has a vast selection of common interests to choose from. While pictures are still the first most important factor, compatibility is a close second when it comes to your success on Tapple. Make sure to fill out your profile as sincerely and comprehensively as you can. Then, take advantage of all the advanced search options. Right now, Tapple is the best way of getting a Japanese girlfriend!

Pairs: All Dainty And Perfect For One-Night Stands

Pairs is a relative newcomer in the Asian dating apps scene. It has been making some remarkable progress, though, so it’s worth investigating.

The Match Group acquired it recently and the app has only been growing since. They are ranking better and better and they’re gaining a wider appeal.

According to market specialists, it’s because Pairs appeals so much to women. The entire app looks like a basic girl’s Pinterest wedding board. It’s light pink and sky blue, with dainty fonts, and romantic imagery. This is common in Asia, and especially in Japan.

Guys work long hours and invest all of their energy into career. Dating is often pushed to the side, to a point where young Japanese men struggle enormously even talking to women. The dating industry has sensed this and is looking for ways to draw girls in. The success of Pairs is yet another testament.

Bear in mind that people still use it to get laid. It’s not at all as innocent as it looks. Though the creators were originally aiming for relationship-centred, the app has been getting more like Tinder every day.

Cupid Media Platforms

Asian Dating was Cupid Media’s very first dating site. Being the oldest, it is also among the most popular. Cupid Media is an international dating company that now has 35 niche dating sites, which connect people based on region, religion, or shared interest. They have been in the business for decades and are most present in the Asian market.

If you enjoy the convenience of Asian dating apps but you’re looking for something serious…

  • Asian Date
  • Korean Cupid
  • China Love Cupid

…and the rest are your best option. Unique features of these sites include:

  • Video chat within the platform – I highly recommend that you take advantage as it helps you weed out scammers.
  • Translation services – to be honest, these can be a bit rudimentary. For the most part, though, they facilitate communication and save a lot of time. Girls from some parts of Asia speak little to no English so using local apps would simply not yield any results.
  • Advanced security policies – premium dating sites can afford to police their space better. Cupid Media has strong, multi-layer protection against scammers. Of course, none of their strategies could replace your common sense. It just gives peace of mind.

To make the most out of these Asian dating apps, focus on the profile. It makes no sense to use a paid dating platform and only make a half-assed effort at your profile. Choose your pictures carefully, take new ones if you don’t have decent quality, and write an actual description.

And you might be thinking “If these girls don’t even speak English, this wouldn’t matter to them”. First off, translation is available. Even if she’s not paying for it on the site, she can easily run it through Google Translate. More importantly, a filled-out profile equals more trust. Wouldn’t you find it dodgy if a profile with all pictures and no description contacted you?


Take a couple of hours and work on your profile. You can thank me later when you start meeting all the beautiful Asian girls.

Asian Dating Apps: Not One To Rule Them All

In the West, we have all the dating apps. In the East, they also do. Just because it seems that Tinder is the most popular, it doesn’t make it the best choice 100% of the time.

When you’re planning your trip, consider what kind of flings you’re looking for. Some things can be arranged without the Internet (khm, sex industry). In other cases, Asian dating apps are indispensable. Just do some research, read up on what people are using in the country, and then pick the apps that you’ll spend time on.

Since big players are not that present on the Asian market, it can be difficult to find trustworthy apps. My tip? Go for the experience. That’s why we love Cupid Media – they have been in the business for decades.

Whichever you choose, good luck and remember to have fun!

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