The Best Online Dating Sites in Mongolia – 2018 Edition

We’re not going to sugarcoat this one too much. If you’re looking for the best online dating sites in Mongolia, the list isn’t too long. As a tiny country with nationalist values, you’ll be hard-pressed to find too many sites to work in Mongolia. There just aren’t that many people in the country, and there’s only one major city, Ulaanbaatar.

As such, your online dating options will be exceptionally limited.

On top of that, Mongolian men can be aggressive towards Western guys hitting on girls in the country, especially when alcohol is present.

Day game can be fruitful, but that’s not what you’re here for.

You want to know what online dating sites to use in Mongolia.

You want to meet some sexy Mongolian girls while you’re in the country. Well, we found a few places you can do just that.

The Best Online Dating Sites in Mongolia – 2017 Edition

Before we dish the dirt, let’s make one final thing clear. Mongolia isn’t as easy as Thailand, Indonesia, or the Philippines when online dating is of concern. It’s reasonable to get the flag in the above three countries with 3-10 days of arriving. Girls in Mongolia could take a little more work.

Still, it’s doable. So here are the best online dating sites in Mongolia:


There’s no doubt about it.

Tinder is one of the absolute best online dating site in Mongolia. A quick swiping shows hundreds of sexy girls in Mongolia looking to meet a foreign guy. Whether you’re in Mongolia on a short trip or expating for some time, Tinder is going to be your bread and butter when looking to meet these stunning girls (so make sure you have it dialed in). In fact, without Tinder, you’ll greatly struggle to meet many chicks in this cold country.

Mongolian women are less likely to go for shirtless pictures and “alpha” traits that are popular in other countries (some will, but we are playing the numbers here). Try to have a profile that conveys wealth and an attractive, traveling lifestyle. Keep things low-key until you meet, but still be playful and flirty. Mongolian girls tend to be a little more feisty than their other Asian counterparts.

Pros of Using Tinder to Meet Girls in Mongolia

  • Highest capita of cute girls
  • Women interested in foreign men
  • Some of the hottest women in Mongolia use Tinder
  • Easy to set dates quickly
  • Faster to sex than Mongolian chicks you’ll meet through other manners
  • Helps avoids confrontations with men in Mongolia

Cons of Tinder in Mongolia

  • It’s Tinder. Some girls will look great in pictures, but not that hot in person
  • Not a great place to find a Mongolian girlfriend

Asian Dating

Every foreign man will want to use Tinder in Mongolia while visiting the country. However, there are other sites you can check out while in Mongolia. The only one we found semi-worthwhile is Asian Dating. If you’re in Mongolia for more than one month, Asian Dating may be a worthwhile time investment.

AD offers a reliable secondary option for men in Mongolia who are staying for awhile. The chicks on this site will be less used to foreigners, and you may have more value. However, you won’t find as many active profiles on Asian Dating in Mongolia as you will on Tinder

Pros of Asian Dating in Mongolia

  • Another online dating site in Mongolia to use
  • Girls less accustomed to Western men

Cons of Asian in Mongolia

  • Not as much activity
  • Harder for a short trip

The Best Online Dating Sites in Mongolia

If you’re looking for the best online dating sites in Mongolia, then your search starts and ends with these.

If you’re living in the country for an extended time, you can give Asian Dating a try too. Here’s to finding that beautiful Mongolian girl with high cheekbones, a sultry figure, and a feisty attitude online!

Sign up for Asian Dating here.

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