The Best Online Dating Sites in Indonesia – 2019 Edition

The best online dating sites in Indonesia have their uses, in particular for foreigners looking to meet stunning locals. Due to interesting cultural quirks and religion, many have claimed the best way to meet Indonesian girls is through sites and apps. While I can’t deny this assertion, as I met a number of girls online in Jakarta and Bali, I truly enjoyed the nightlife and meeting girls at clubs while in the country.

Still, I used online dating in Indonesia, and you should, too!

Meeting girls on an app or site in the country is not that difficult. The only hard part is knowing where to look. Luckily, we’ve taken the guessing out of that. After spending a lot of time in the country and interviewing of number of foreign players in Indonesia, the pieces to the puzzle came together.

Online Dating in Indonesia

So here are the best online dating sites in Indonesia – 2019 edition:


Oh, Tinder…where do I begin? Tinder is the best online dating app or site in a number of countries around the world. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar and only trying to get your cash. In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta and Bali, you’ll have some girls using the app day and night.

You can find a lot of quality and quantity when searching for Indonesian girls on Tinder throughout the country. Typically, you’ll find educated girls on the app that speak at least a little English. Often, these girls will have jobs, too.

Pros of Tinder in Indonesia

  • Lots of girls
  • High quality, educated Indonesian women
  • Looking to meet foreign men
  • Moderate amount of scammers, prostitutes, and ladyboys

Cons of Tinder in Indonesia

  • Less active at replying to messages
  • Can get time-consuming swiping so many girls
  • Only can chat with your matches

Indonesian Cupid

The next best online dating site in Indonesia is Indonesian Cupid.

While Tinder tends to be a little better for younger guys, this site is the bread and butter of many an older gentleman in the country. On my first trip to the Indonesia, I started testing out this platform, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of the girls using the app.

The user interface of Indonesian Cupid is incredibly easy to use, and the girls tend to respond fairly quickly to messages. Hell, I even had many chicks messaging me first. Frankly, the girls on this site often aren’t as educated as Tinder chicks, but there usually even more excited about meeting the “Bule” of their dreams.

Pros of Indonesian Cupid

  • Tons of high-quality girls
  • High interest in foreign men
  • Easy to use interface with simple messaging features
  • You can message any girl you want

Cons of Indonesian Cupid

  • It costs money
  • No mobile version
  • Less educated girls

Click here to read our full Indonesian Cupid review.

Click here to sign up.


While Instagram isn’t an online dating site in Indonesia or anywhere, you can still use it to meet women in the country. Many stunning Indonesian women use Instagram religiously, but may not be on other online dating platforms. You might want to meet them. I know I did.

So I started using DMs to message girls on Instagram in the country, and I got some great results.

Now, Instagram isn’t a dating site, so there is a little different game required than what you use on Tinder or Indonesian Cupid. You’ll want an active account of your life and travels, along with a decent amount of followers. Once you have that, you’ll be good to go. Just make sure to take things slower and now come on too strong.

Pros of Using Instagram 

  • Hottest girls in Indonesia
  • Tons of photos so you won’t have any questions about her look
  • Not many guys doing it

Cons of Using Instagram

  • It’s not a dating site
  • Indonesia girls may be thrown off by your DM
  • Girls not necessarily interested in foreign guys or single

Asian Dating is another online dating site in Indonesia that can work well. It’s similar to Indonesian Cupid, but can be used for all Asian countries. Some men travel around a lot and exclusively use this site, instead of using new sites in every country. The site also costs money to use properly.

There are a number of girls on this site and many are eager to meet some guys from different countries. However, most men will be better off using Indonesian Cupid while in this country. There are just more active girls on it than on Plus, you’ll have to pay for Asian Dating, as the site is not free like Tinder.

Pros of

  • Lots of active girls in Indonesia
  • Useful for men who travel around Asia a lot
  • Less foreigner competition

Cons of

  • Quality of girls isn’t as high as other sites
  • There are just better options available
  • Costs money

P.S: If you travel between different Asian countries often, is a great investment. Click here to check it out.

Other Online Dating Sites in Indonesia

Above you’ll find the four best online dating sites in Indonesia. Those four platforms should yield you more dates than you know what to do with.

However, there are a few other online arenas to meet chicks in this wonderful country.

I haven’t personally used the three sites listed below, but I have spoken to some expats who had success with each one. Start with Tinder and Indonesian Cupid first. If you don’t like your luck, then keep moving down the list. These sites can work, too:

  • AsianDate
  • Badoo
  • AsianSingles2Day

Online Dating in Indonesia—Closing Thoughts

Using online dating while traveling is a great idea for men, especially in Asian countries like Indonesia. Just don’t waste your time!

You don’t want to be swiping and messaging all day with no results. Stick to the best online dating sites in Indonesia, and you’ll be sure to meet up with a number of cute chicks without too much hassle.

Happy Hunting, Gents –

Sage Savage

PS: We got a question in the comments below about which site would be our #1 recommendation if we had a gun to our heads…

It’s easy:

Indonesian Cupid

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