The Best Time to Visit Thailand for International Playboys

We’ve all been there.

Bags are packed, you’re ready to go. You touch down in a new city, ready to meet some of the local, stunning foreign girls. You’ve got your whole trip planned ahead of you—not much sleep, and a whole lot of…well, you know.

But then…

Shitty weather throws all of that off.

Look, there’s not much you can do about this overall. If you’re destined for bad weather, it’s going to affect your game. Your only measure of prevention is to attempt to take your trip at a time when the weather is usually more likely to be good.

Southeast Asian weather overall?

A complete shit-show.


Miserable when it hits.

And while it makes the cities themselves wet, it doesn’t help with you getting your dick wet.

So if you want to go to Thailand and have the best shot of sleeping with the hottest Thai girls, you need to read this post about the best time to visit Thailand.

The Best Time to Visit Thailand for Playboys

First off, it’s important to note where you’ll be going in Thailand. Since we’re talking about girls, it’s relatively safe to assume you’re either heading to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or one of the beach/resort towns.

Let’s get one thing out of the way first.

It’s never perfect in Thailand.

If you’re going for more than a week, more than likely you’re going to see rain at one point or another. However, hopefully it’ll just be for a few hours in the afternoon, and then will clear up. It’s somewhat similar to the weather in Florida, for those of you who have been there. Meaning you’ll have a random downpour in the afternoon, it’ll be humid as shit, and then you just go on with your day.

There is a huge difference though—between the situation I described above and a monsoon. 

When I say that, I mean the kind of storms that bring already-shitty Bangkok traffic to a complete and utter standstill. We’re talking roads being reduced to pure mud, barely able to go outside kind of weather.

The Best Time To Go…

…is the “cool” season, which tends to also be more mild with the weather. Generally speaking, this falls between November and February. I’d advise you to go after the new year—another thing to thwart many a player are holidays and families.

Generally speaking, you’ll still have some days with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, but at least they’re tolerable. They are far more pleasant and mild than the scorching Bangkok heat in the summer season (35-40C + humidity).

The Worst Time to Go…

Is definitely the rainy, monsoon-y season.

This usually hits its absolute peak in the September and October timeframe—right before it gets nice. Of course, some Thais also classify this season as May to October—but generally speaking, coming out of the “cool” season is a bit more pleasant and less rainy than the actual peak rain season.

What This Really Means

Look, I don’t want to sound like it’s impossible to get laid in Thailand during the bad season.

As I’ve mentioned before—if you have tight game and the right attitude, the sky is the limit for you with Thai women.

Don’t let the weather ruin your trip if it comes to it. At the same time…it doesn’t hurt to plan around it.

Good luck!


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2 thoughts on “The Best Time to Visit Thailand for International Playboys”

  1. You’re right about the weather being more bearable for farang from November – February, but speaking from experience I would personally draw the opposite conclusion. Yes it is easier for farang to have a level head when it is cooler, but I found that living in Thailand in the monsoon season brought me a great deal more girls, and hot girls too. During the hot and sweaty monsoon there are much less farang, which means that the fewer farang there will have much less competition to win over the hottest Thai girls, and greater numbers. The hot weather seems to make everyone much more aroused too. You can make jokes about how you are a ‘nam-tok’ as well. So on the whole I would say your ”bad season” was my good season, and perhaps vice versa. Thoughts on my perspective and experience?

    • I actually think this is an excellent, excellent point.

      That being said…

      If it’s someone’s *first* trip (the assumption I did make in this article), regardless of how good the girl situation is, I’m not sure I could, with a good heart, recommend they go to Thailand during that time.


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