How to Seduce Indonesian Girls

Indonesian girls

Indonesian girls are a topic near and dear to my heart. After traveling and seducing chicks throughout the country for months on end, I found myself dating an absolutely stunning and sweet girl. While the relationship only lasted a few … Continue reading

Batam, Indonesia City Guide

Batam girls

Overview: While Batam, Indonesia isn’t the  paradise that Jakarta and Bali can lay claim to be, the small island certainly offers a few opportunities for the aspiring playboy. Come to Batam for a quick escape from Singapore or Malaysia. Don’t … Continue reading

Bandung, Indonesia City Guide

Overview: If you’re looking for a second-tier city in Indonesia that offers a cooler climate and a lot of university girls, then Bandung may be for you. While I preferred Surabaya a little more for women, I definitely enjoy a break … Continue reading

Surabaya, Indonesia City Guide

Surabaya, Indonesia

Overview: If you’re looking to meet Indonesian girls in a second-tier city, then Surabaya is absolutely your best bet. In fact, many have said the girls here are just as sexy as in Jakarta. And after my brief trip here, … Continue reading

Bali, Indonesia City Guide

Overview: If you’re looking for beach life on a budget or lavish living at low prices, then Bali is THE spot in Southeast Asia. Sure, things aren’t as cheap as they used to be. But you can still live an … Continue reading

Jakarta, Indonesia City Guide

Overview: Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and known for amazing nightlife, stunning girls, and horrific traffic. An underrated Asian metropolis, the city is starting to see hordes of expats flock in for the fun times without too many … Continue reading

How to Get to Indonesia

Interested in Indonesian girls? Looking for an exotic beach holiday in Bali? Want to explore Indonesian culture? No matter what brings you to Indonesia, you need to get there first. While the world is certainly getting smaller, it’s still not … Continue reading