Chiang Mai Girls: City Guide

Chiang Mai Girls

Overview: If you’re looking for a “second tier” city (I’d consider it more like a 1.5) to meet some Thai girls, Chiang Mai is a great bet. Modern, a nomad hub, and overall much cleaner than Bangkok. The Chiang Mai girls … Continue reading

Are Thai Dating Sites a Scam?

thai dating sites

There are a lot of Thai dating sites out there on the market. Dozens, if not hundreds. Many want you to put in your credit card, social security number, and bank account number before they even let you browse the galleries … Continue reading

5 Tips to Work Online While Traveling

Work Online While Traveling

Let’s face it, Asia is a really long flight from most parts of the world. In many cases, you’re looking at a 15 hour flight minimum just to get to your destination. Many of us traveling to Asia are digital nomads, so … Continue reading