How to Seduce Mongolian Girls

Mongolian girls generally don’t get a lot of love. The tiny Asian country is landlocked and doesn’t receive that many foreign visitors. As such, it can be difficult to know what to expect when heading to the country for a little mating and dating. During my short, but eventful stint in Mongolia, I was more than pleased with the quality of women in the country. If you’re into Asian babes, I have a feeling you will be, too.

What Are Mongolian Girls Like?

So let’s dive right in. You want to know about Mongolian girls. So what are they like? Overall, I was impressed by their looks. While the women in Mongolia are not the tiny breed of Asian bird you’ll often find in Thailand or the Phillippines, these girls were pretty fine overall.

These women will have broader bone structure throughout their hips, and even in the face. Often, you’ll find unique mixes of Asian and Slavic genes. These mixes drove me crazy, and I’m sure you’ll love these gals, as well. The unique features also came combined with bigger tits and ass than your average Asian girl. I was absolutely impressed by the boobs on some of these busty Asian babes.

Personality wise – you need to understand a little more about the culture of Mongolia. As descendants of Ghengis Khan, these girls had some spunk to them. While you’ll still find the submissive and caring side of Asian women in these girls, you’ll quickly realize that Mongolian women are fun-loving, feisty, and even a little aggressive. Oh, and some of these chicks could really drink.

Ulaanbaatar: The Only City to Spit Game in Mongolia

If you’re going to check out Mongolia with women in mind, then there’s only one city to set your sights on: Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolia is a tiny country. There are only three million people in all of Mongolia. Nearly half of them, almost 1.5 million people live in the capital – Ulaanbaatar. There’s not even another city in the whole country that has a population over 100,000.

Ulaanbaatar is the only place that offers you a good chance to date and seduce a Mongolian girl or three. However, you’ll need airtight logistics to pull this off. Mongolian men can be cockblocks and violent. You want to bounce girls from the bar or cafe back to your crib as fast as possible.

As such, I stayed around Sukhabaatar Square. This put me right in the heart of the city, and there was nightlife, bars, and cafes within walking distance. For your first trip to Ulaanbaatar, this is where you want to be. You’ll have the best chance to bounce girls back to your apartment or hotel here without any issues. Prices are reasonable in the area, too.

Pro-Tip: As I was in the city during the summertime, I met some Mongolian girls returning home from their lives aboard. They spoke great English and were fairly educated. If you’re coming to visit this city, make sure you do so during the summer months. You’ll have much better luck with the women.

How to Seduce Mongolian Girls

Alright, now we’re to the good stuff. It’s time to talk about dating and seducing women in Mongolia. There are truly some stunning beauties in this country, and it surprised me. I plan to go back sometime soon, as the potential of this untapped market requires further exploration 😉

On my short stay, I did learn a thing or two that can help you make some sweet sex with Mongolian women. While it isn’t as easy to get laid here as in Southeast Asia, you’ll still have a lot of value as a Western guy traveling throughout Mongolia. If you follow my methods below, you’ll give yourself a solid chance at grabbing the flag within one to two weeks. With a little luck, you could do a lot more damage than that here.

Follow this three-pronged approach to ensure you meet Mongolian girls in Ulaanbaatar…

mongolian girls

#1: Online Dating in Mongolia

While online dating is great in some country and so-so in others, you’ll definitely need online dating in Mongolia.

If you want to bed Mongolian girls, Tinder and Asian Dating are probably the best and easiest ways to do it.

Online dating eliminates the chance that you’ll hit on a Mongolian dudes girlfriend while he’s around and end up getting your ass beat. This is HUGE in the country. While Mongolian chicks dig foreigners, you’ll run some risk when you run game in public here.

As such, make sure your profiles are up-to-date before you head to Ulaanbaatar.

I met and seduced some amazing girls in Mongolia on both Tinder and Asian Dating. The quality was fairly high, and the girls were keen to meet. It was a great time. Highly recommended and needed here.

Do not discount online dating in Mongolia.

#2: Day Game in Mongolia

I didn’t hit day game too hard in Mongolia, but I did make some approaches and find some sweet spots. As with all aspects of dating in the country, you need to be cognizant of jealous men when day gaming. I never approached a girl who was even around another guy. I only talked to chicks who were walking alone or with a friend. I recommend you follow this plan, too.

The best places I found to day game were along Peace Avenue in the city center. Sukhabaatar Square was a decent area, as well. For mall game, you should try the State Department Store, although I was a bit intimidated here. Shangri-La Centre was my favorite mall in Ulaanbaatar, as it was upscale. I had a few approaches here with babes, and they went quite well.

No one!

Absolutely no one day games here. So the girls may be a little thrown off by your approach. As such, I found an indirect/direct mix worked best. I’d open with the dumb tourist card and then change the topic quickly with some direct compliment. For example:

  • Open: “Excuse me, do you speak English? Do you know where I can find…?”
  • Her: Blah blah blah
  • Me: Ahh ok, perfect. That’s exactly what I needed. You’re a pretty good tour guide. So let me ask you – where would a pretty girl like yourself go out on a Saturday night here?

Sure, it’s not that smooth, but it works well here.

Going direct on the opener can be too much for a Mongolian girl who speaks just a little English.

#3: Night Game in Mongolia

The nightlife isn’t great here. It’s certainly not like Indonesia. But there are good times to be had. Mongolians are suspicious about anyone not in their social circle when out at night. As such, you need to remember one thing:

Find a local or three to roll with.

This is essential when going out at night. Not only will you have better luck with the ladies in Mongolia by rolling in a group, but you’ll also stay safer. A foreigner rolling solo is a prime target to get his ass beat from drunken Mongolian guys.

That all said – there are some fun clubs in Ulaanbaatar. Nightlife in Ulaanbaatar is mainly broken down into two types of music: House/Techno or hip-hop.

If you don’t like these styles, then this may not be the place for you. As I only went out a few nights to creep, this guide isn’t comprehensive. Although I did visit nearly half a dozen places during my trip and found a couple of solid spots.

If you’re in the city and interested in Ulaanbaatar nightlife, I’d recommend:

  • Great Khan Irish Bar: This should be your start to nearly every night out in Ulaanbaatar. The place is foreigner-friendly and giant. The chicks here are friendly as can be and the location is quite convenient. I was quite a fan, as this is my favorite bar in the city.

Other decent spots to check out include:

  • New Mass Club
  • Face Club
  • Metropolis

Ulaanbaatar Nightlife Tips

These Ulaanbaatar nightlife tips will be less towards getting your laid and more towards keeping you safe. So let’s go:

  • Don’t go out alone. Always roll with friends.
  • Do not approach girls in groups of guys.
  • Never spam approach here. Always be a sniper. I’d be willing to bet you’ll get in a fight if you spam—just look at the comments below to see how big and tough these Mongolian internet guys are!
  • Stay tipsy. You don’t want to be drunk off your ass in Mongolia.
  • Don’t be confrontational. While you could probably take the guy in your face, his eight friends won’t allow you to win any fight.

Dating Mongolian Women

Alright, so you have some numbers from online, day game, and from a night or two out. You’re ready to take some girls in Mongolia on dates and make a lil’ love. Luckily, that’s pretty straightforward.

Here’s what you do:

  • Walk around your hotel or apartment when you arrive and scout out 2-3 bars and a coffee shop.
  • Invite girls for a drink. Make sure she does drink. I found 80-90% of Mongolian girls definitely interested in drinking.
  • Get 2-3 drinks in your Mongolian woman of choice, while keeping the PDA to a minimum. This is important here.
  • Suggest having wine back at your place.
  • Bounce her back and make some love.

Pro-Tip: Make sure you rotate your bars and try not to let many people see you with more than one girl. Jealousy is rampant in this country. Going to a different bar with a different girl is a solid play.

Seduction, Dating, and Mating in Mongolia 

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the girls in Mongolia.

Among the whitest and biggest in Asia, you’ll find some sweet, but fun-loving girls in this country with incredible bodies.

One of my hottest Asian girls once naked came in this country, and I don’t doubt you’ll be able to find some fine Mongolian girls here. Best of luck and happy hunting!

Oh, and don’t forget to stay in a ger or yurt for at least one night! A worthwhile experience.

PS: To browse Mongolian girls, check out this website.

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  1. Please consider the harm you are doing, and delete this article. The women and men of Mongolia are my friends. They are good people. They do not deserve to be written about in this degrading way. Aloha and thank you in advance for changing the world in positive ways.

    • some of us foreigners are also friendly and nice people 🙂 just ignore this dick head, he is just trying to get a reaction

    • Thats what happens if youre too nice like Filipinos white sex tourists will take advantage wnd fill your orphanages up with eurasian bastards like in angels city and laugh qt the men for being pussy betas.
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  3. Haha I don’t think the person who wrote it ever visited Mongolia, you can not just gather rumors online and throw it into one article.It was funny to read but far from reality.

  4. What the heck is this!!!! Please don’t come to Ulaanbaatar again. You just can’t even survive here in winter you pathetic. Stay in your own comfort shelter and suck your dick!

    • Well said my friend, I’ve been to Mongolia winter and summer and I can survive both weather conditions why because I’m married to a beautiful Mongolian lady 16 years now love her and love Mongolia and the people.

  5. You can’t determine whole nation, whole Mongolian girls that you’ve just met of the few. Who know’s how many y’ve tried…. But honestly be calm and rethink about what ‘ve y written here. If y really wanna talk about who’s more easiest …. all western girls are hoes, dude call me I can teach how to seduce your western hoes

    • @ Oleg, Bagi, wtf, Od & the others: mybe this guy just found some easy goin girls, dont take this on the whole nation and on all girls /women, Great culture, great traditioms, dont be angry and keep out,.
      Kind regards from Hungary

      • They have no GREAT CULTURE. All their culture are horse-riding and mining by western companies. They have no great scientists, politics, artists etc. too. If tomorrow Mongolia will be deleted from Earth, nobody notice this changing.

  6. as a Mongolian i have word for every foriegner who want to get naughty with our girls here is what im about to say we will beat your ass until u die this is so disrespecting

  7. Every country has bitches and i think this guy looks for this type of girls.
    Person from other country + money + bitchy girl = easy sex everywhere 😀

  8. To any Mongolian people reading this idiot’s article and comments, not all foreigners and westerners are like him, some of us are nice and genuine people 🙂 who are actually interested in your country’s culture, history and people

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      Ben, seriously man: delete this article, it’s really disgusting!

    • So then what ARE Mongol-Tatar girls like? I’d really love to hear more information ’bout this, but even on “da Intarnetz”, there are very few articles.

      BTW, many yearz have passed since Muhi. No hard feelingz 😉

  12. Hi, I am a Mongolian woman. Personally, I love white guys. But other Mongolians, specially young men and old women are always telling “only retarded and very, very old white guy would want mongol women” —> actually heard this from my Auntie. But I don’t believe in her since there are many mongolian girls who are dating and getting married to good looking, educated white men. I also see bunch of comments from Chinese or other asian guys saying “ mongolia does not have any pretty girls” etc. It seems lot of people are upset about white men-mongolia girl rlship. Actually, most of the well educated mongol girls only date white guys. There are also lot if false info on the internet, such as “average height of mongolians” which made it seem as if Mongolians are the shortest asians, nope, mongolians are actually taller on average and women are curvier and leggier.

    • One thing I understood for sure from this post is this guy got his ass beaten up by some Mongolian guys trying to approach some girls hahaha

  13. Shame you didn’t mention Maggie’s bar in Beijing, still the best place to meet Mongolian girls without the hassle. And yup, it’s pretty cool, upbeat and does great music. You’ll get to talk to the ladies without any problems. That’s the best place to meet the daughters of Chingghis Khan…


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