7 Interesting Observations About Indonesian Girls

Indonesian girls are the true dark horses when Asian women are the subjects at hand. Underrated, unknown, and undiscovered – most men know nothing about these beauties, especially when taking the special Balinese girls out of the mix.

Luckily, we dug a little deeper. After spending some time in Indonesia, I can tell you the women in Indonesia are a special breed. Sure, they’re not perfect, but I’m definitely a big fan.

Looking to learn a little more about Indonesian women before heading there?

Here are seven interesting observations:

#1: Thickest Asian Girls

Indonesian girls might not be as thick as Colombian, Dominican, or Brazilian girls. In fact, they don’t even come close. But when you compare these beauties to Thai girls or Chinese girls, most find them to have fuller busts and larger bums. They’re just thicker.

Thickness: A woman who has larger “features” than normal. This typically involves a large butt with a small waist and big breasts.

If you’re a man with a sickness for the thickness, then Indonesia may be the best country in Asia for your dating needs. And don’t get too concerned – if you like your women a little skinnier, you can still find tall, model types throughout the country, especially in Jakarta.

#2: Foreigner Love

We try to keep it real around here. White men of foreign descent should have a solid dating life in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Hell, really any foreign guy should kill it here.

Indonesian girls love “Bule” more than most. In Indonesia, the word “Bule” means foreign man. Put simply – if you’re from out of town and even remotely have your shit together, you should receive a solid amount of attention from the girls in Jakarta and other large Indonesian cities.

P.S: Don’t take my word for it! Click here and find out for yourself before you arrive

#3: The Jilbab Factor of Indonesian Girls

The vast majority of Indonesian girls are going to be Muslims. This is just the way it is.

You may be thinking the religious factor could hinder your dating hopes as a traveler. You’d be damn wrong. No matter their religious beliefs, women in Indonesia are always curious about the foreign man.

Even girls wearing a burka, hijab, or as it’s commonly referred to in Indonesia, a jilbab will be open to meeting, dating and making sweet love with a charming gentleman from a different country.

Many only wear the attire to please family members or ward off unwanted attention from local men.

#4: Party Girls Galore

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have my personal favorite type of Indonesian girls – the party girls. If you haven’t heard yet, nightlife in Jakarta and Bali is absolutely off the chain. In terms of high-end nightlife, Jakarta may have one of the better scenes in all of Asia.

And with the great nightlife comes some amazing party girls. These liberal girls often love to dance, drink, and enjoy a few party favors from time to time.

They’ll look dashing from head to toe on a night on the town– with whiter skin, stunning dresses or skirts, and high heels.

#5: Variety is the Spice of Life

In certain countries, you’ll only be able to date one type of girls.

In Thailand, you’ll be dating Thai women.

In Ukraine, you’ll probably find yourself in a relationship with a Ukrainian girl.

In Colombia, you’re going to be seeing Colombianas.

In Indonesia, you get a little more selection due to the genetic makeup of the populace.

You can find Indonesian-looking, Arab-looking, and Chinese-looking chicks in Jakarta. Balinese girls also have a distinct look. Plus, you’ll meet chicks from all over the religious spectrum.

Muslims, Catholics, Atheists, and even Hindu chicks can all be found in your bed while living and traveling in Indonesia.

#6: The Speech is Coming

One interesting note about Indonesian culture I made while living in Jakarta was how often I got the “speech” from Indonesian women.

We’d be in my bed and clothes would be flying off. Then she’d stop me out of the blue. A full, cold stop for no reason. The first time it happened I was baffled, but eventually I learned what was coming:

“Something, something, something about how Indonesia girls in Jakarta are an embarrassment and she shouldn’t be doing this with a foreign man she just met. Plus, bule are this, this, and this. They are bad. The bule are evil. Blah, blah, blah.”

Then we would proceed to fuck a few minutes after she got the speech out of her system.

There are a lot of cultural stigmas surrounding sex in Indonesia still, even in big cities like Jakarta. Understand that even if Indonesian girls are thinking this, they still want to fuck you – especially if you’re already back at your place.

#7: Fun Loving Girls

One thing I grew to love about women in Indonesia was their fun loving nature. Girls just want to have fun.

Well, at least the best ones do. Just like Polish girls and Brazilian women absolutely love to have fun – Indonesian women are the same. This can be a rarity in Asia.

Girls in Jakarta love to party, drink, and have sex.

Well, some of them.

Even the religious ones still love a good shag every now and then.

When dating girls in Indonesia, you should be giving off a fun loving vibe. Leave the mysterious alpha male bullshit behind you and in the Western world.

Bonus Tip: Always Ask For Additional Pictures

I may have made Indonesia sound like a wonderful place for a man to date and make sweet sex with some fine Indonesia women. It definitely is, but no place is perfect.

Online dating can be amazing in Indonesia, but you have to be careful with it. Filters and angles are a bitch.

When using online dating in Indonesia, you ALWAYS want to ask for additional photos and possibly get their social media accounts. There are some super sexy girls using online dating in Jakarta, but there are also some girls who don’t look anything like their photos.

I had many instances my first few weeks in Jakarta where a girl shows up to a date looking frumpy, but she had looked like a legit model on her Tinder profile. Don’t let this happen to you! Ask for more photos and social media. If you’re not sure, you can have her send you a photo with a spoon or a candle (in the moment) to see what she really looks like.

Good luck,

P.S: The best online dating sites in Jakarta are Indonesian Cupid and Tinder. For shorter trips, using both is an absolute must.

18 thoughts on “7 Interesting Observations About Indonesian Girls”

  1. im indonesian girl from west sumatra, and iam moslem, but not really religious.
    your article is good… but yeah still in 2017 they are “still” discriminted.
    i think no ones is wrong. both of pribumi and chinesse are so stubborn and they think they are the perfect one (but not all of people of course, i have lot of friends are indo-chinesse) and you can go to Medan, you can see girls with chinesse faces but they dont even have a chinesse blood hahaaa.. indonesia have a lot of island and country, every country and every island have different kind of faces and of course they are all beautiful.
    and indonesia have six or… i forgot, country which ever colonized indonesia.
    like spanyol, portugis, England, Dutch, Japan. and maybe our blood is already mixed lol… (dutch colonize indonesia for more than 300 years). so theres no reason to say “iam pribumi so im indonesian” , you not even now what blood race in your body.

    sorry for bad english im still learning :’/

  2. Then you should visit Yogyakarta, You gonna find another things. And if you find girl that don’t like to party, then you’ll never have the chance to sex with her unless you serious with her or already married.

    • My fist business trip to Indonesia almost 10 years ago was a dream come through. I’m an South East Asian with Indian blood, but abit more a Sri Lankan look. I usually have difficulty controlling my eyes when comes to “fuller busts and larger bums” and crazy about Jennifer Lopez. When I first landed on this country, i was fascinated as much as the writer described as ” #1: Thickest Asian Girls”. This was a absolute paradise as most girls have average asian height, curvy structure, thicker & fuller thigh & bust. Mostly have buttock above 40″ and walking around on tight jeans. Absolutely polite & friendly. Love to smile & always ready for a chat. I was practically living in a ‘latina paradise’. Food spicier from where i was born, love it though. You could end up falling in love with anyone whom u greet….interesting, loving, open minded girls. Indonesia maybe the worlds biggest Moslem populated country but my experience made me wonder how could i have missed this interesting paradise. I can bet if anyone still single visits this county…they could end up with an interesting gf…hahaha

    • Fii.. I like ur comment.. so, I will be there and first I must want to meet with u… next in date n think about marry… if it really happened, would u marry me…?

  3. “If you’re not sure, you can have her send you a photo with a spoon or a candle (in the moment) to see what she really looks like.”

    I just have to laugh. Sorry. LMAO
    And what did you tell her to make her do that??


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