Jakarta and Bali: The Ultimate Lady’s Man Lifestyle in Indonesia

Indonesia is a special country for a number of reasons. The Indonesian culture is incredible, the Indonesian girls can be stunning, and the nature throughout the country is world-class. You’ll find some of the best beaches in all of Asia throughout the different islands.

With such a unique offering for travelers and expats alike, I met a few lady’s men throughout my time in Indonesia that were living the high life. These were average men by all accounts.

They had a modest salary and were in average shape – at least by your regular, Western standards. They had a little bit more going for them than the average backpacker or digital nomad, but they were by no means rich or extremely good looking.

They weren’t anything special, like most of us aren’t (harsh reality, I know). They were just living a special lifestyle. A life that most men could only dream of.

As I got to know these guys, I learned a little something. Something I dubbed the ultimate lifestyle in Indonesia.

What is the Ultimate Lifestyle in Indonesia?

ultimate lifestyle indonesia

I haven’t heard of many men living this life before. These guys had figured something out. They had figured out exactly how to live the life of their dreams. You probably couldn’t do this in a lot of other places. I certainly can’t think of many.

Spending weeks in the big city and weekends at the beach. Or spending weeks at the beach and weekends partying in the big city. Pick your poison. The combination of Jakarta and Bali is a tough combo to top.

I met two men who were living this life. And both raved about the lifestyle. They couldn’t believe world-class beach life and top-notch nightlife could be combined so seamlessly.

The first fellow I met spent his time as such:

  • Monday through Friday morning in Jakarta.
  • Fly to Bali around 1 every Friday.
  • Enjoy the beach.
  • Head back to Jakarta on Sunday evening.

He loved all the dating options available in Jakarta, but he missed the international nightlife and beach culture of Bali. So he combined the best of both worlds.

He was a digital nomad with an online business, and spent around $2,200 to live the life of his dreams. This was back in 2017 when I met him and prices might be a bit higher today, but not by much. Even $2,500 is not much for many people out there!

The next guy I met was more into surfing, but he missed big city nightlife. So he split his time:

  • Monday through Friday surfing around Bali.
  • Flight Friday evening to Jakarta.
  • Party all weekend.
  • Return to Bali for sunsets on Sunday night.

I was a bit jealous, but fascinated at the same time. The guys even had double lives in both cities.

These dudes both had harems of girls they’d see every single week – in different cities!

And they showed me photos of their chicks in Jakarta and Bali – they were some fine Indonesian girls.

Why, and How, It Worked?

First and foremost, this lifestyle worked because of convenience. The flights between the two cities only take 1 hour and 45 minutes. You could leave your apartment in one city and be at your hotel in the other in around three hours. That’s quick and easy.

Plus, the flights were dirt-cheap. When specials were being run, the dudes both found flights for $50 round-trip. Normal fares ran about $80 round-trip. That’s damn cheap if you ask me!

Lodging is also reasonable in the country. Monthly rent in Bali can be found for $300-700 a month. In Jakarta, a monthly rental with ideal logistics will run you $500-800. Hotels and Airbnb rentals can be found for $15-25 a night.

Both of the guys I met had a monthly apartment rental and a hotel on retainer. They had rates negotiated, as they were regulars. Overall, both guys spent about $700 a month on lodging between the two cities.

And the Indonesian women…

They love foreign men. So these guys could have multiple girls in each city. The Indonesian girls loved them and vice versa.

The Benefits of the Jakarta and Bali Combo

If you’re not sold on living the ultimate lady’s man lifestyle between Jakarta and Bali, let me break things down for you. Here are some of the benefits:

Big City Nightlife

Jakarta has some of the best nightlife in all of Asia. Many experts prefer a night out in the city over Bangkok. I’m not joking! If you don’t love the nightlife in this city, you’re doing it wrong.

Beach Life

Bali is one of the best beach destinations in the world. It’s a stunning location with great waves for surfing. Beach lovers will feel perfectly at home in the city, as the culture revolves around the water (outside of Ubud).

Indonesian Girls

Some of the nicest Asian girls in the world are found throughout the country. By living in both Jakarta and Bali, you’ll have access to the party girls in Jakarta and the stunningly unique Balinese women.

Expat Scene

Bali is filled with travelers and expats. You can meet stunning women from every county there. Plus, you’ll have a chance to mingle with tons of interesting travelers and digital nomads.

Easy Living

This lifestyle is cheap and easy. Think about the prices if living in New York and doing weekends in Miami. I’m going broke just thinking about. That’s what the Jakarta and Bali lifestyle can be – only in Asia.

Jakarta and Bali: The Ultimate Lifestyle in Indonesia

The Jakarta and Bali lifestyle may not be for everyone. There are minor inconveniences like border runs and all that jazz.

But overall, the nomads I found living this life loved it. And highly recommended would be the only way to describe it!

P.S: Both of the guys I met had active Indonesian Cupid accounts. Online dating is essential when living in two cities and it makes everything a lot easier, so make sure to check the site out and create your account too!

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