What to Expect When You Date a Kazakh Girl

When you date a Kazakh girl, you should generally expect to be treated very well. Far, far more like a king than a frog. This is why.

Dating abroad has a vastly different culture than you would find in a Western country. For girls around Asia, getting a good guy is a life goal. They strive for this, and then they strive to keep him. They are far more interested in longer-term relationships as opposed to a string of one night stands, whose names they can’t even remember.

When you date a Kazakh girl, it’s like flying first class on Cathay Pacific. Dating a western girl in comparison is like flying in shitsville economy on Ryanair.

Here are a few things you can expect when dating a Kazakh girl. Let’s start off with the good ones…

A Kazakh Girl Cooks

Kazakhstan women understand that one of the keys to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We are really not very diverse creatures. Hot meals, good and sweaty sex, and an overall pleasant demeanor will take a girl quite far.

Foreign girls in general, whether they’re from Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, or Mongolia, all understand this to some basic extent.

A Kazakh girl, after the first few dates, will likely hint at cooking for you. And trust me, she really will. You’ll practically be ready to wife her up after she spends a few hours painstakingly preparing her grandmother’s Plov recipe (rice pilaf with onions, carrots, and lamb/beef).

No such thing as having a Lean Cuisine on the menu when you have a Kazakh woman around, trust me on this.

Pro tip: If you are a cook yourself (you should be, as it’s an easy way to get girls over!), don’t hesitate to teach her some of your favorite recipes. Especially if you’re keeping her around long term. It’s a great way to show leadership, and obviously has a huge benefit for you over a longer period of time.

She Will Make Life Easy…Usually

There’s a good saying out there:

A good woman can contribute to your life in many ways and make it better.

A bad woman can absolutely destroy it.

This is true, but I’d add one more thing on to that, as well: a good woman cannot make your life as good as a bad one can destroy it, no matter how good she is.

What this means is that as a man, you are largely responsible for your own destiny. Let’s face it man, you’re in Kazakhstan. This is not exactly a tourist hub. You’re likely a guy who has his life together, so keep it that way when dating a Kazakh girl.

If you find a good one, she’ll add things to your life that will make it easier. You can work online while traveling more productively, your usual day-to-day bullshit when living abroad will be alleviated, and she’ll just make life pleasant with happy and positive energy.

But, there is a trade-off to that—which leads me to…

A Kazakh Girl Expects You to Be the MAN

Kazakhstan is not a place for pussies to go.

You are going to be expected to try very hard for the opening few dates. Remember what I said about going for a first kiss in my article about Kazakhstan women?

…will either be really easy, or really difficult.

Kazakhstan women tend to be straight-up. You’ll know if they like you, or not. So it very well might be that she’s totally feeling the vibe and you have a first kiss with relative ease.

But, a lot of them also like to test you and see how strong of a man you are. Even if she’s really digging you and wants to kiss you, she might resist. A lot. Don’t be surprised if it takes 10, 20, or even 30 (or more) attempts at kissing her before she finally relents.

It’s a test.

She wants to know that you are a MAN who has supreme self confidence. A man who is not phased by rejection. Even many of them. She wants to know that you are unflappable, that you can brush off her rejection and try again a few minutes later.

Yes, it’s really, really bizarre.

When dating a Kazakh girl on a more long-term level than a first date, the same principles are going to apply. She simply does not want a weak man. She’s going to want you to make decisions, to lead her, and to have zero hesitation in doing so.

She will continue to test you periodically throughout your relationship to see if you are holding up your end of the bargain. If you’re not, she’s not just going to dump you on the spot, but she will become increasingly nagging to you and unhappy with you.

There is, however, a fine line.

Ask, But Make the Final Call

You should value her opinion, to an extent. But ultimately, it needs to be you making the final say on things in the relationship. When to drop the playboy lifestyle and become exclusive. When to take a trip. When to move in together.

You know, those kind of things.

You can ask her what she feels like for dinner. If she hems and haws, just pick a place. If she says she doesn’t care, just pick one. No hesitation. That is how you be a man and make a Kazakh girl respect you.

Speaking of respect: It’s probably the most important thing in regards to dating. A girl who doesn’t respect you is a girl about to dump you. And once you lose it—it’s hard as hell to get it back.

Dating a Kazakh Woman: Conclusion

Being in a relationship of some sort with a woman from Kazakhstan can be a tremendous experience. She will make life easier for you by taking care of cooking and other domestic duties (laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc.). Most of the time, as long as you are still giving them attention, they tend to be a bit less demanding of your time and energy, too.

They understand that sometimes men need to work and focus on business to pay the bills.

Of course, if you are not a strong man, she’ll let you know—and potentially make your life miserable. Like I’ve said many times before, dating in a place like Kazakhstan or Russia is simply not for the faint of heart. It can beat down even the most experienced player.

But man, if you can handle it—the rewards are numerous.

If you have questions about what it’s like dating a Kazakh girl…leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. Do you have any tips to share about Kazakhstan?

Good luck,

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14 thoughts on “What to Expect When You Date a Kazakh Girl”

  1. Hi Ben, thank you for your kind thoughts to share bout being with a kazakhstan woman (women) for life-partner or wife. pls tell me a little more of what to expect. it seems like i am falling in love with her already. Pls tell me what to do next. Chat later. Tq and hear soon

  2. Wow
    can you explain me how the kazakh wome are open in relationship physically?
    I meen on bed, do they perform all kinds of sex? 96, oral to satisfy hr man?

    • I don’t think any girls do “96”…;)

      Like all girls, if you push the right buttons, they’re down for anything. But yes, it’s a sexually conservative culture. Keep that in mind.

  3. Pardon me for my intrusion, but i’d like to leave a note on ’96’. I believe i’ve read in a 19th c. english interpretation of Kamasutra found in the library of my much learned boygriend, that ’96’ is not higienically advisable, the low body parts should not be mixed with the upper part, so it is much more beneficial to human mind to respect this rule. Good luck.

  4. Hi thanks for the advice.
    I met one Kazakh girl in my country.
    Just met but she seems very close to me. Sometimes feels like she likes me based on her behavior and words.
    But when I asked her about boyfriend she told me she had one. But I never seen any in her social media or whatsoever. Even I saw her post about happy being single, even she said they’ve been together for 6 years.

    Is there any chance that she just said that to see if im going to leave her after she told that or will stay being nice to her?


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