Kazakh Girls: The Ultimate Hidden Gem of Beauty

It’s easy to look at Asian and develop extreme yellow fever. But some of us have a lust for the European-Slavic look, too. Wouldn’t you be excited if you could get a bit of both in one package? Well, now you can—introducing Kazakh girls.

You’re welcome.

It’s funny, despite all of the hype surrounding Asia, Kazakhstan is just completely ignored.

Sure, it’s harder to get to.

Sure, it can be a bit rough around the edges.

And sure, it does get really damn cold there at times.

But Kazakh girls are this incredible blend of Russian queens and Asian princesses. Slavic cheekbones, long legs, all with the beautiful skin that most Asian girls have. What’s not to LOVE about Kazakh women when you have that kind of combination?

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Physical Appearance of Kazakh Girls

The girls of Kazakhstan have a very diverse physical appearance; a mix of Asian and Slavic genes.

Let’s start with the Russian side of the equation. About half of the population has the Russian look:

  • Diverse range of hair: blonde, brunette, black, and even some redheads
  • Diverse range of eye colors: grey, blue, green, hazel
  • Bigger eyes
  • High cheekbones
  • Plump/sultry lips
  • Long legs
  • Pale skin

On the other side, half of the population also has the Asian look; also confused as Mongolian appearance.

  • Short/slanted/squinty eyes
  • Dark hark color
  • Brown eyes
  • Short height
  • Darker skin

Hell, just look at this photo below. This is the entire range of Kazakh women:

At the same time, it’s not a black and white science. Many of the Asian-looking girls will have the Russian facial structure. Many of the Russian-looking girls will have dark hair anyways. All in all, it’s a beautiful combination of some of the top genes in the world.

Let’s use a former Miss Kazakhstan, Zhanna Zhumaliyeva (say that three times fast), as an example of a Kazakh girl who has it all.


  • High cheekbones on the Russian side? Check.
  • Dark skin on the Asian side? Check.
  • Slim, model-esque Russian body? Check.
  • Beautiful bronze Asian skin? Check.
  • Nice plump lips from Russia? Check.
  • Dark, sultry eyes from Asia? Check.

Okay, I can admit: she’s obviously the cream of the crop as far as Kazakh girls, but my underlying logic is sound—Kazakhstan women are the best mix of European and Asian you’ll find out there. If you were to breed a champion mutt—Kazakhstan would be the place.

And I mean that in the nicest way possible 😉

Personalities of Kazakh Women

Much like all girls in foreign lands, Kazakh girls simply exude femininity. They’re fortunate, because on both sides of them there are a lot of traditional values instilled in the culture. Obviously, we know all about Asian girls on this site.

However, I’ve also traveled to the depths of Eastern Europe. Slavic women (i.e. half of Kazakh heritage, really) are some of the most traditional and down-to-Earth in the world.

They treat their men like kings.

You can expect the girls in Kazakhstan to make a real effort in their appearance. Having them show up to dates in high heels, nice dresses, and full makeup isn’t out of the question. In fact, if you get one of who shows up in sweatpants and cheap Converse—I’d be inclined to walk away. The whole reason you’d travel to a place so far out there, like Kazakhstan, is to date high-quality girls.

Don’t waste your time on those girls who clearly would like to take on the more Western aspects of our world’s culture.

One final note: Sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to describe what this all means. In short, it’s essence. You can’t put it into words…because it’s beyond words. But when you meet some Kazakh girls, you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. They simply have this beautiful essence about them, both emotionally and physically, that makes you feel like a man. They love being a woman and want to love you as a man, too.

And THAT is a beautiful thing.

Dating Culture in Kazakhstan

It’s important to note that Kazakhstan is primarily a Muslim country like Indonesia. About 70% of the population practices Islam. Some websites will claim that you need to be Islamic to date Kazakh girls, and nothing could be further from the truth. However, it is important to recognize it.

Letting a religion get in the way of you going after you want is just silly. After all, most girls claim that “love is their religion”. Don’t be afraid to go after the girls who are of Islamic faith. However, with those religious beliefs usually comes a far different impression of how the dating culture should work in comparison to the rest of Asia.

Both Muslim culture and Slavic traditions dictate a more traditional courtship process. Kazakh women aren’t quite like Thai girls, whom I’ve referred to many times to as pizza girls—getting one is as easy as having a pizza delivered to your door.

In Kazakhstan you can generally expect to have to go on a couple dates before things become intimate. This tends to be true in Europe, too. Girls in places like Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia have seemingly airtight “3 date rules”.

Traditions & Relationships

It’s going to be expected for you to pick up the tab. Dinners, drinks, etc.—they’re on you. The bright side of this is that if you buy the food, you can bet that a Kazakh girl is going to be thrilled to prepare it for you.

This is traditional—generally speaking, the high-powered and high-paying jobs in Kazakhstan tend to be dominated by males. In addition, if you’re coming from the West you’ve also got some geoarbitrage on your side. You don’t need to be doing anything extravagant, but it shouldn’t be a big deal to pick up the tab on most occasions. She’ll do her best to pay you back in her own way.

From my experience of dating both Asians, Slavics, and Kazakhs—relationships are easy. You just need to be firm, decisive, and do what you want. Continue working towards your goals and she will find you very attractive.

If you give in to her every whim and desire things tend to fall apart. Don’t be like the gentlemen who take Thai bar girls back to their home country, marry them, and then lose it all. Treat her like a human being, not like a princess whose feet you must kiss.

Kazakh Girls: Conclusion

I’ll repeat what I said at the beginning of this article…

Wouldn’t you be excited if you could get a bit of both in one package? Well, now you can—introducing Kazakh girls.


Slavic cheekbones, long legs, all with the beautiful skin that most Asian girls have. What’s not to LOVE about Kazakh women when you have that kind of combination.

If this article doesn’t have you researching how the hell to get to Kazakhstan (don’t worry, I’ll have an article out soon about HOW to do it), I don’t know what will.

Asian. Slavic. Together.

Sometimes in life they say you can’t have it all.

Kazakh girls are doing their best to change that, and I’d say they’re doing a damn good job.

See you in Kazakhstan,

PS: You’ll want to utilize both Tinder and Russian Cupid to meet Kazakhstan girls. There’s lots of girls on both platforms, so you can have it all.

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