4 Things That a Kazakh Woman Has Done That Stunned Me

If you come from dating in the western world, you’re about to be in for a real shock. Because in this post, I’m going to detail some things that my Kazakh woman did for me when I was spending some time in Eurasia.

#1: Can I Cook For You…In Advance?

Compared to the west where you’d be lucky to get a girl to cook you a Lean Cuisine, this one will stun you.

One night, my girl had a night class. Usually, we’d eat dinner by 7pm, but in this case her class would be taking up her time until 8:30pm. She knew I wouldn’t want to wait until so late to eat, so she asked:

“Can I cook you a dish 80% of the way, and then I will put it in the fridge? Then when you want to eat you will just need to turn on the oven and put it in for another ten minutes and it will be ready.”

#2: Can I Cook For You…For The Next Few Days?

Similar to #1, my Kazakh woman was going to be busy for the next couple days with family commitments and knew that she wouldn’t see me. She was genuinely concerned with my ability to identify foods in Kazakhstan supermarkets, so she asked…

“I am going to cook you two kilograms of your favorite food, you can eat it for the next couple of days when I will not be around.”

Well, ask isn’t the right word—in hindsight. It was much more of a, “Hey, I’m doing this whether you like it or not.”

That is the one area where Slavic or Asian (or in this case Eurasian) girls tend to “take control”. Most of the time, they want a strong and confident man who makes all the decisions and is the man—except in the kitchen.

That is their domain and they won’t hesitate to make sure that you know that.

#3: Did All of My Laundry

At one point, she had a key to my apartment. While I was out and about, she snuck in, picked up all of my dirty laundry, and took it all the way to her home to wash and dry it (I didn’t have a washer in my unit and was being forced into using the laundromat).

When she returned in the evening, she had all of my clean laundry. She hung it up to dry, too. Then the following day she folded it and put it all away for me.

Kazakh woman

#4: Painstakingly Searched for an Apartment

Most of my fellow digital nomads will easily be able to relate to this. That moment when you are just fed up with the prices of AirBNB rentals. Month to month they tend to get very expensive, especially during the summer months.

(NOTE: For shorter trips in Kazakhstan, it’s probably easiest to stick to hotels.)

Unfortunately AirBNB is sometimes your only option. Especially in a smaller, more off-the-grid place like Kazakhstan. The likeliness of finding a non-AirBNB option with someone who speaks English and that you can trust is basically zero.

Especially if you have little-to-no knowledge of the local language.

Well, my Kazakh woman did an incredible job of hunting through newspapers, obscure websites, and asking around to find me a better quality apartment during the peak months of the year. In the end, it saved me well over a thousand dollars (over the course of time I stayed there). Sometimes when I go back I still try to rent this specific apartment.

She went above and beyond to make sure I had a good home, warm bed, with good and secure internet, and didn’t get ripped off.

Closing Thoughts on Dating a Kazakh Woman

Once you start dating abroad, it’s hard to go back. They are simply so sweet, caring, and make your life so much easier. Sure, there are language barriers, cultural shocks, and more—but the lovely girls overseas do their best to mitigate this for you.

That’s why I keep going back to places like Kazakhstan—because of people like the Kazakh woman who inspired this article.


PS: You should definitely go and meet your own Kazakh woman.

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