Kazakhstan Visa 101: Everything You MUST Know

Okay, I get it. You want to go to Kazakhstan and meet beautiful Kazakh girls. Why else you’d want to go there, I don’t know. (I’m kidding, of course).

Almaty and Astana are interesting places, I will say that. The only question is… do you need a Kazakhstan visa to start your adventure?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is that for long stays – yes, you do.

Let’s clarify. (Keep in mind, this stuff changes all the time so make sure you do your due diligence)

PLEASE NOTE: This information is only accurate as of the date of this post. Which is March 19, 2018 If I specify that I’ve updated it, I’d do so now. So I’ll say again, this information regarding a Kazakhstan visa is only valid as of 3/19/18.

Myself nor Life Around Asia will take any responsibility whatsoever if you end up in a Kazakh prison – which won’t have any girls in it. I promise you that. But I will post a picture of that prison if you send in it. That’s my only guarantee.

Kazakhstan Visa Requirements (for US Citizens)

If you are staying more than 15 days in Kazakhstan, other than for work or for religious work, you need a visa. If you need a work visa, that will be up to your company to acquire for you. As far as this “religious work” stuff…I mean, seriously?

Obviously we aren’t very religious on this website, so it doesn’t apply to us 😉

Taken from the US State website:

  • U.S. citizens can visit Kazakhstan without a visa for up to fifteen days for all purposes of travel except employment and missionary work.
  • Kazakhstan issues five-year multiple-entry visas to qualified applicants traveling for business, tourism, or for diplomatic, official, and media purposes.
  • Violating the authorized period of stay in Kazakhstan or engaging in activities inconsistent with your visa category may result in fines, imprisonment, and/or delays upon exit.

Closed Areas: Travel to certain areas bordering China and cities in close proximity to military installations require prior permission from the Kazakhstani government.

The town of Baykonur and surrounding areas in Kyzylorda Oblast, and the town of Gvardeysk near Almaty are also closed to foreigners.

Most of the popular tourist areas in Kazakhstan – Medeu, Shymbulak, Big Almaty Lake, Charyn Canyon, Alakol Lake, Monakhov Gorge, and other locations within 25 kilometers of a border – now fall in so called “closed” zones.

While visitors to popular tourist sites within these zones are not required to obtain special permission from immigration authorities, visitors to these sites should bring personal identification in the event they are requested to present it to local authorities.

Those wishing to visit other areas within these zones should check with local authorities to ensure that no prior permission is required.

Entering With Your Kazakhstan Visa

Now, when you go into the country, you’re going to have to register. Your entry information may say something about 90 days. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN STAY 90 DAYS.

Again, if you’re staying over 15 days YOU NEED A VISA.

If you don’t acquire any visa beforehand (hint: if you didn’t pay $160 or more), then you can’t stay for more than 15 days.

If you do so and try to leave on day 16, you may or may not run into trouble. If you leave on day 90, you more than likely will.

The great news?

A Kazakh Visa Is CHEAP

It’s $160 to get a single entry visa to Kazakhstan. The funny thing is that it’s the same price for a double entry visa, albeit it has to be within three months.

It’s also $160 for a triple entry visa, for three months.

Oh…and it’s $160 for a ten year visa. Multiple entries. Again, that’s TEN years.

There’s no special application, you just need to mark it on your visa application itself. Read the instructions on the visa application page carefully if you need further clarification.

It makes zero sense whatsoever to apply for a single-visit visa when you’ve got the option to come back multiple times, with no hassle, for the same fee.

More than likely, if you’re holding a US passport, you’re going to get approved for this.

This means you can come and visit your Kazakh buddies as much as you want and not have to worry about visas in the future. For the same fee. It’s a no brainer!


Kazakhstan is still one of the most off the grid and underrated places in the entire world. As I’ve said before here on LAA, the girls are a beautiful blend of the Soviet beauty and the skin of Asians. It’s the best of both worlds.

On top of it, the language is interesting, the cities vast, and it’s a great stopover point between Asia and Europe. If you get your Kazakhstan visa, you’ve unlocked a great part of the world, at a great price. I promise, you won’t regret it.

If you’ve got questions regarding the visa process or anything Kazakhstan, leave them in the comments below.

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