Do You Need to Learn Thai to Date Women in Thailand?

A common question of men around the globe when they’re planning their trip to the sandy beaches of Koh Samui, or the chaos of Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand…

“Do I need to learn Thai to have success with the local women?”

The answer to that is mostly no, but with a caveat.

First off, the English levels in Thailand are quite good.

Sure, if you’re out exploring the tiny villages and countryside, you’ll get lost. But if you’re in the major areas and cities of Thailand, you definitely don’t need to learn Thai to get by with day to day life. You’ll do just fine with English and a bit of a charades act.

The Caveat

However, there is one reason an international traveling to Thailand should learn Thai. It won’t be what you expect, either.

No, it’s not to order food or immerse yourself into the local culture. No, it’s just because you can make girls laugh and this makes getting on with Thai girls (not that it’s hard to begin with) even easier.

Foreign girls across the world simply love it when a foreign guy comes in and butchers their language – and can laugh at himself for it.

Look, they understand that English is generally one of the easier languages in the world to learn.

The places that men go to meet foreign girls, such as Europe and Asia, are full of complex languages that vary from country to country that are smaller than many American states.

They don’t expect you to learn their local language, and they’re often happy to speak English with you.

But if you learn a few phrases and can make them laugh – they’ll be putty in your hands. To be clear, you don’t need to be an expert. I am talking literally knowing maybe ten phrases. Here’s a few tips:

  • Make sure one of them is a “slang term”; an insider joke only locals would know. Have some of the Thai bar girls floating propositioning you teach you.
  • Learn some curse words.
  • Learn how to order a couple basic dishes.
  • Learn how to call girls dorks or something similar.

Tackle the More “International” Languages

With that being said, I do think that there are benefits to learning major languages that are spoken across multiple countries.

Obviously, English is one of these.

Russian is another language that’s widely spoken, and unlocks Kazazh girls, Russian women, Ukrainian women, and a lot more.

Chinese would be another language that is often internationally spoken on a business level and would give you access to a wide variety of Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Singaporean etc. girls.

But taking the time to learn Thai in a small country, where the English is already quite good – I’m not sure that’s worth the time. Maybe if you were truly settling there for the long term (i.e. getting married), but other than that – forget it.

I’d apply the same mindset to, say, Indonesian girls. If she doesn’t speak English, or doesn’t like the fact you don’t speak Indonesian – move on to the next.

thai girls

 So, If You Decide to Learn Thai…

Where the hell do you start? I mean, just look at this alphabet. It gives me a headache:

One of the best things you could do is pick up a book about the language. It’s a long flight to Thailand from the Western world – you could easily learn some phrases during that 17 hours in coach. If you’re in business class – forget it and drink up. Ha.

If you’re interested in learning Thai on a deeper level, Thai Pod is where I’d start, and it’s pretty affordable. Unfortunately there just aren’t a lot of programs about Thai out there. Remember what I said about tackling international versus niche languages.

Of course, YouTube is always a viable option but more difficult to utilize when you’re 35,000 feet in the air.


No, you don’t need to learn Thai in order to get with dozens of Thai girls – unless, maybe, you’re out plundering the small villages in search of a virgin bride.

However, a half-dozen phrases in your arsenal will make life easier both in the dating sense, and a day-to-day sense.

For the most part, it won’t matter in regards to the dating scene. But… you never know – that one Thai phrase you know might be the difference between the high-quality Thai women passing you up or deciding that she wants to be with you.

Now that’s mouth play I can get behind, even if I don’t really want to learn Thai.

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