Dear God, Save Me from Pattaya Girls

Oh, Pattaya. You succubus, you. The sex capital of Thailand, as I’ve affectionately dubbed “Sin City SEA”, Pattaya is simply a riot. The Pattaya girls will let you do them in any way you want—you can live out every crazy fantasy there is in the world.

While Pattaya has been the scene of many of my most memorable moments, I will preface this by saying heed caution. A crazy hedonistic lifestyle that you will undoubtedly live in Pattaya will wear you down…eventually.

Every man should experience Pattaya girls.

Just don’t let them define you.

Introduction to Pattaya Girls

Pattaya Girls


Look at that photo above. You can walk into just about any bar on Soi 6 (the main bar street of Pattaya) and find something like that. Plus there’s “normal” escorts, blowjob parlors, soapy massage parlors, ladyboy parlors, streetwalkers…man, my head is spinning just typing all this.

In any case, you just need to be careful of Pattaya girls. Basically, don’t be this guy:

Pattaya is a place all of your wildest dreams come true.

This isn’t a guide on all the best spots in Pattaya, or any of our usual city guides. It’s coming in the near future, and will be quite comprehensive. However, a lot of guys are going to be booking their annual trips this year.

Perhaps Pattaya is on that list.

And I’m here to tell you that while it can be a blast, to exercise caution. Plus, do you really need to pay for sex in Thailand?


Tinder and Thai Cupid make it so easy, but anyways…

Understanding the Mentality of Pattaya Women

I should clarify what I meant in that last sentence.

I’m not against paying for sex, quite the contrary.

am very much against being the typical Western tourist, stumbling around Soi 6 in his white New Balance sneakers and acting like a fool.

Unfortunately, a lot of these New Balance-wearing-dorks are the same ones getting taken for a ride by Pattaya girls. Charged exorbitant fees that only seem to get higher and higher as the night goes on. Rather than just investing a bit in themselves, they lack the self-esteem to pursue girls on their own terms.

Does this make sense?

Once You Understand How The Game Works…

Pattaya becomes less of a beast likely to take you for a ride and make you look silly.

So let’s break it down: Pattaya girls, whom you pay for sex, no matter how little, ultimately are looking for your money. Now, I know a guy or two, or three, who has tried to wife these little succubi up.

Yes—meet them while they are shooting ping-pong balls out of their pussy, and put a ring on it a couple months later…

There are those guys, and a lot of them. However, because of the advice on this site, you don’t need to be that guy. 

To be clear, it doesn’t make these girls bad people. The market demands their services, and they supply the…goods.

Have your fun, but don’t forget…

They Are Normal Girls

I get it, some of them are really hot. It’s understandable that you may want to force a relationship and see them again. Go ahead, but be a strong man with options and you may get something actually genuine, rather than them milking you for everything you’re worth.

Why would a beautiful and lithe Thai girl want to be with a fat 70-year-old guy? If you’re the 70-year-old reading this, ponder it. Why would she want to be with you?

She doesn’t, she wants your money. When you understand this when you step on to Soi 6, your entire mindset and way of thinking will be superior to most of the guys coming to Thailand.

In Conclusion…

I’m far more in favor of using Pattaya as a simple way to go out and have fun. Make some memories with some friends, just don’t end up like the guys in The Hangover.

Don’t look at it as a place to continue returning to, or hell—even move to.

That kind of lifestyle will eventually break you down in bad ways. I had some dark days in Pattaya from just being too much of a crazy sex maniac.

Take it from my experience.

Use caution, and get out when you’re supposed to. Don’t linger too long, or Pattaya and it’s women will suck you in.

And spit you out like a ping-pong ball.

Good luck,

PS: You could just forego all this crap and meet girls online.

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