Reader Comments About the Girls of Kazakhstan

There’s a few comments that are worth sharing on some of Life Around Asia’s more notable Kazakhstan articles.

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Reader Comments About the Girls of Kazakhstan

Many girls in this part of the world are quite confident in themselves, too—so they want a very confident man to accompany that—plus their feminine charm.

I like it

This is very true.

Generally, the girls of the Former Soviet Union countries (let’s face it, we know Kazakhstan is borderline an “Asian” country), tend to simply have more confidence in themselves than say, American girls.

Probably due to many factors:

  • Having to fight more in their life without all the comforts that are present in the west
  • They’re not quite as bombarded by the beauty standards. In the west, everyone is trying to convince fat girls they’re beautiful. In Kazakhstan, they just flat-out know they’re expected to be cute and thin. A good thing—for everyone involved.
  • Higher competition for men makes all girls bring out their best. Over time, this builds confidence.
  • And finally—they’re just better developed themselves. They cook, are well read, have real hobbies and friends, etc. All of these make for happier, prettier, and more confident girls.

Moving on…

Hi Ben, thank you for your kind thoughts to share bout being with a kazakhstan woman (women) for life-partner or wife.  pls tell me a little more of what to expect.  it seems like i am falling in love with her already.  Pls tell me what to do next.  Chat later.  Tq and hear soon

My advice?


Not because Kazakh girls aren’t great and all, but simply because of how this comment is written—you’re way too into her and she’s probably not enough into you, as a result of your general neediness.


“it seems like i am falling in love with her already.”

Always, always, let the girl fall in love with you first.

I have recently started liking a kazakh girl. Which too my understanding is quite a tricky situation.

Tricky in the sense that, like you’re article says, that rejection doesn’t always mean rejection but rather a test.

She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met in my entire life and I’ve had the pleasure of spending a lot of my time with her, getting to know her and her culture.

What attracts me most is the beautiful soul she has, the high morals and standards She holds.

I know she likes me, or at least I think she does, but how can I tell for sure? Is there any clear indication to look for? Aside from the fact that we still make plans to see each other and make jokes and the fact she bit the hell out of me while we were play fighting.

She’s hot and sometimes cold…so that’s what throws me off. Unless she’s just shy inside. How do I tell it’s not just being friendly?

I’ll say the same thing I told the last poster:

You like her too much. But she sure as hell knows she likes you, and probably knows that you’d go to the moon and back for her. Make her work for it.

And the only clear indication you can really have is whether or not she has sex with you.

Until you’ve tried (have you even tried to kiss her?!…the fact that I’m having to ask this means you probably haven’t), you’ll just be sitting here spinning your wheels.

Nothing is tricky until you try.

And, finally…

I am a Qazaq(Kazakh) man and I have to admit, this article is impressive. Its almost 100% accurate. Guys, can you imagine that we have to go through this everyday?)

But this one part is a trap: “Basically, you just propose this second date as something very casual. Meeting for a quick coffee, tea, or ice cream in the afternoon. Make it sound like you have business or something else to attend to, but that you want to see her. You’re willing to carve out an hour to do so.”

Do not do that. Most of them have this type of act and will know that its faked.

Not gonna lie, this is one of the coolest comments we’ve ever gotten here.

Yes, I can imagine having to go through it every day, but I think the payoff is worth it overall. Sure, sex in the western countries (or Southeast Asia) is a lot easier, but overall the girls simply aren’t going to be as high of quality. Everything is a tradeoff.

But, I’ll disagree with your last comment.

What else are you supposed to do?

Just invite her straight over?

If she wants to see you again, she’s gonna see you.

That’s all for now.

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