If you want to make sure that your Asian adventure ends up as EPIC as possible, you have to check out these resources that I’m recommending.

These are various things (usually services) that I have used over the years during my travels to Asia and without them, I am sure that this blog wouldn’t exist. They’re that good!

I am sure you will find them extremely useful and even though you can definitely make it work even without some of them, every extra bit helps – so at least consider checking them out.

Have in mind that these are affiliate programs, meaning that I will earn a commission if you make a purchase. BUT I’ve personally tested and used these services or recommendations at one time or another and I recommend them from the bottom of my heart.

Dating resources

beautiful Asian lady

The tuvbe Cupid Media Sites are undoubtedly the best Asian dating websites on the market. No matter where on this continent you’re going, they’ll be able to help you meet amazing girls as soon as you land.

My general rule of thumb is to create an account for the area/country you’re planning to visit at least two weeks before actually getting there. This way, you will have enough time to establish relations and have the girl(s) waiting for you when you arrive!

It can’t get any better than that and it works like a charm. Check them out below:

Asian Dating – General site for countries that don’t have a dedicated site, but you can find girls from those areas as well. However, even though you can find Thai women here, for example, it’s better to go for the dedicated Thai Cupid instead (see it below) because you have even more options.

China Love Cupid – Mostly mainland China, though you’ll sometimes see girls from Myanmar, Laos, and Taiwan here

Filipino Cupid

Hong Kong Cupid – Specific to girls in Hong Kong. Decent amount of expats on there as well.

Indonesian Cupid

Japan Cupid

Korean Cupid

Thai Cupid

Vietnam Cupid

Business & Tech

  • VPN  As more and more countries crack down on internet freedom, it’s important to protect your privacy.
  • BigScoots – If you want amazing hosting for your website, this is what you should choose.
  • GeneratePress – The theme this website runs and one of the fastest WordPress themes out there.
  • Amazon Kindle – Keep your mind sharp while on the road, without the weight of tedious books.

Health & Wellness

  • Trojan Condoms – Don’t go to Asia without a supply of your own condoms!
  • AeroPress Coffee Maker – Make quality coffee anywhere in the world. Perfect for those who love coffee and want full control. This one’s easy to carry around and I love it!