3 Secrets to Success with Thai Cupid

Not much more can be said about Thai Cupid than what was covered in the Life Around Asia Thai Cupid review – but I’m going to try.

I’ve utilized Thai Cupid and a number of other of the Cupid Media dating sites throughout all of my travels.

I’ve honestly never been disappointed in any of them. I’ve met great girls through the websites, it’s been easy to meet up with them, and I’ve built great relationships with some of them. And of course, had my fun.

With that being said, there are definitely ways to improve your individual experience when using Thai Cupid.

Therefore, I present the secrets to success when using Thai Cupid.

#1: Remember WHERE You Are

Gentlemen, this is not the western dating world. The flip has been entirely scripted.

This means that you and you alone are now the prize when it comes to the dating market. While western girls like to list their insane requirements of on their dating profiles, you won’t find many Thai girls who will do that.

Most of the girls on Thai Cupid are quite modest, friendly, and down-to-earth women. They also understand the value and appeal of a man who has his life together (that IS you, isn’t it?). This means they are generally not going to play silly games until the end of time.

This means you don’t need to act like a dancing monkey to get the attention of a girl on Thai Cupid. You just gotta be a normal freakin’ dude.

That’s almost unheard of if you want to have success dating online in the western world. When you’re dating there, you’ve gotta have the perfect opening message, perfect follow up, perfect number-close, and then run perfect game on the date.

Your margin for error is going to be a hell of a lot higher when you’re using Thai Cupid. Just remember WHERE you are and adjust your game accordingly.

KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.

#2: Use The RIGHT Photos + Situation

You know how many western girls say “if you have shirtless mirror shots, don’t message me!!!”

Well, the same is kind of true for girls in Thailand – except they just won’t say it to you 🙂

Generally speaking, with online dating, the photos are going to either make or break you. There is no in-between.

That’s because the photo is the first “opener”. Contrary to what many people think, the message doesn’t count if she hates your photo. You can and will be judged based off of your photos – especially your main profile photo.

So don’t use the shirtless selfie in the mirror. You just look like a douche.

I’m not saying don’t go shirtless at all. If you have the right body, do rock it. But use a shirtless selfie of you doing pull-ups in the park, running on the sandy beach… or something cool. Not sitting in your bathroom staring in the mirror.

The same applies to almost any photos.

If you have a custom suit, don’t take use a picture when you’re wearing it but stumbling drunk double-fisting bottles in a club.

That completely negates the class, masculinity and sex appeal of a custom suit! Now you just look like a frat boy with more money than brains.

Instead, use the photo where you’re making a presentation, or at least not too drunk.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Even the right clothing in photos will lose your points in the long term if you use them in the improper situation on Thai Cupid.

#3: Understand The Tourism Stigma

If a girl is utilizing Thai Cupid, more than likely she has gotten a message from many other foreigners before you.

This is just part of the game. You can accept it for what it is or choose not to play at all (big mistake).

The tourism stigma is that you are there for having fun with the girls and nothing more. She is also going to unfairly group you in with all of the old guys who come to Thailand and end up with a girl half their age near them.

You’re going to be lumped in with them off the bat. That’s not fair, but that’s life.

But, it’s really easy to set yourself apart from the rest of them. Let’s face it, the bar is not exactly high. Many guys who come to Thailand are old, overweight, and lack any real charm with the ladies.

Inevitably, girls on Thai Cupid are going to ask you why you’re in Thailand. They may even flat-out ask if you are only in Thailand to have “fun”.

When this happens, you can drop this charmer of a line:

“No, I’m here to supervise all the other tourists ;)”


“I’m here to re-invent the reputation of westerners coming to Thailand ;)”

Both of these do two things.

  1. Shows that you recognize the situation for what it is. You’re “enlightened”. You understand that most guys don’t have good game, and so you’re in on the “secret society”.
  2. It shows charm and confidence, as well as a sense of humor. All these help everywhere, not just in Thailand.

Closing Thoughts

Thai Cupid is hands-down one of the best dating sites in Thailand, and it’d be a shame to not have success with it.

It’s not that difficult to set yourself apart. To put yourself in the top 10% of men on the site. But, it does take recognizing the situation it is for what it is.

As long as you use proper photos, a bit of charm, and show that you know “what’s up” with many single tourists in Thailand, you’ll be just fine.

Got questions? Drop them in the comments below.

PS: You can sign up for Thai Cupid, right here.

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