How Easy is Sex in Vietnam?

It’s time to continue Life Around Asia with another stop, this time in Vietnam. By now you know how easy it is to get sex with Thai girls and Indonesian girls, but how about getting sex in Vietnam?

If you looked at the image above and said, “Not so easy“, well—you’re right. 

The girls of Vietnam are not as easy as they come in Thailand, where it’s basically handed to you on a silver platter. Vietnamese women are a bit more traditional in their values, and aren’t as likely to just hop right into bed with you.

But they’re worth it.

And here’s why.

Sex In Vietnam is a TRADEOFF

You see, unlike most of the girls in Thailand and the Phils—Vietnamese women value relationships. They seem to hold old-school values like cooking, cleaning, and general homemaking near and dear to their hearts.

For this reason, they prefer to seek out men for longer-term engagements. A lot of Vietnamese girls won’t sleep with you just for the novelty of sleeping with a foreigner.

Of course, as more and more of westernized culture spreads, I’m finding this is less and less of a case.

This is both good and bad.

Let’s talk about the good first: obviously, sex becomes easier the more that women want to give it out quickly.

The bad is that it can take down their overall quality for a longer-term relationship.

We’re more about the playboy lifestyle here at LAA, but a lot of guys do go to Asian countries to find long term relationships, even marriage.

The truth is, Vietnam currently falls more on the longer-term end of things, but is starting to shift towards the more short-term, hookup culture. Girls are dating out of there family friends and going online with Tinder and Vietnam Cupid.

My personal hope is that it falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum—some girls grasp on to the new mentality with legs arms wide open, and some retain their traditional values.

Take a guess which route this girl has decided to take.

How to Date Viet Girls

You’re really just got to feel each girl out on a case-by-case basis, truly.

If you’re in a big city like Saigon, more than likely the girl you’re going out on a date with has been exposed to some western culture. She probably speaks very good English. Maybe she won’t hop into bed with you right on the first date, maybe she will.

If you met her on Tinder, she will.

If you met her on a more “traditional” site like Vietnam Cupid—don’t be surprised if you have to wait two or three dates.

If you met her at a mall or at a club, use your best instinct. The crazy party girl in Saigon probably is down to hop into the sack quickly. The girl you struck up conversation with at the coffee shop in a smaller town is not as sure of a thing.

Of course, party girls do go to coffee shops—so take that with a grain of salt.

However, there is one really good way to determine how traditional her family is, and therefore…how traditional she is, therefore, how likely you are to get sex in Vietnam right off the bat.

Does She Have a CURFEW?

(Many of the “good girls” can be found on the Cherry Blossoms website)

A lot of Vietnamese girls live at homes, maybe even until they get married. Something about Asian culture seems to keep the kids at home for a very long time.

So if she has a family that sets her a time to be home, this is a good hint in the direction that she’s more of a good girl than bad.

Especially if she doesn’t protest it.

If she does, that’s a sign of a girl looking to…rebel.

And yeah, YOU want to be that “rebellion” for her.

However, if she tells you that she has to be home by 10-11pm without complaining or hating on her parents, she probably is from a good family, and loves them. If you like her and she’s pretty, give her time in this case.

Now, the girl who throws her own father and mother under the bus for insisting she be at home by a certain time…get out your watch and start counting backwards from her curfew. This is the girl who wants to break the rules and detests restrictions being put on her.

She has to be home at 11pm—great.

It’s 8pm now.

How long does it take to get to your apartment?

How “on” is this date? Is she letting you touch her, have you kissed—overall, how sexual does it feel?

Do you think she is comfortable enough with you to go back to yours?

Factor in some “cooling off” period at your pad where she can get used to her surroundings before you move forward.

Finally, if she decides she doesn’t want to sleep with you, how long do you need to change her mind?

Keep in mind that she have a 30 minute or more journey away from you to get home.

sex in vietnam


Sex in Vietnam doesn’t have to be difficult, but you are playing by a different set of rules than you are in Thailand.

Keep that in mind as you start dating in Vietnam.

Good luck,


PS: Both Cherry Blossoms and Vietnam Cupid are must-haves to get sex in Vietnam.

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