Teaching English in Thailand—Is It Enough to Live Like a Baller?

Teaching English in Thailand is all of the rage these days, and for good reason. It’s becoming increasingly popular as a method to “escape” the grind of a corporate job, travel, and experience new cultures, dating scenes, and more (i.e. crazy stuff).

Of course, teaching English in Thailand is seen as something that is “easy”. You don’t really need much, if anything, to get started.

Before I continue: Let me be clear—this is a site primarily about dating all around Asia. Most western girls aren’t going to Asia to date the local men. So this post is primarily targeted towards men who are interested in making the move abroad, and takes into account how much teaching English in Thailand makes and how it can affect the player lifestyle.

Let’s Get 1 Thing Clear

Listen, teaching English can be rewarding, and can pay decently sometime. I’ve also known quite a few people who got started abroad by doing so, and then transitioned to making money with some sort of online business.

And all of them say THAT is the way to go.

Of course, this is a long-term play. You may not have a website that is making money, or any freelance work coming in. In this case, teaching English is a great start.

  • You make enough money to live reasonably well.
  • You don’t work enough hours that it drains you so much from building another source of income.
  • It’s somewhat flexible hours.
  • Sometimes, if lucky—you can get a housing allowance.

But before you go and take that job teaching English in Thailand, you gotta really ask yourself what the long-term plan is. If you’re a college student on a gap year—fantastic. DO IT.

However, if you’re 35 years old—you gotta ask—do you want to teach English for the rest of your life, potentially?

If the answer is no, make another plan to make money in Thailand within a year or so of making the move. It doesn’t need to be immediate. But don’t assume you will want to spend the rest of your days working in a classroom for $1,000 or so a month.

Just wanted to clear that up. Got it? Now let’s move on to some more interesting information.

Do You Make Enough Money Teaching English in Thailand to Live the Playboy Lifestyle?

Let’s face it, if you go abroad to date Thai girls, or really, any girls in other countries—you need to have the money to foot the bills for some dates and some nightlife experiences.

So how much will your reasonably make if you’re just starting off as an English teacher? That answer lies somewhere between $800 and $1,200. This depends on the certifications you hold, the school you’re teaching at, the city you’re in, and a whole host of other variables.

You can rest assured that you WILL make enough to live, but “millionaire playboy” is definitely stretching it. With most places in the world, you can live as expensively or as cheaply as you want.

If you choose to teach English in Thailand, you can rest assured you can have the occasional meal out, live in a decent area, and have enough to go on dates.

BUT, you will not be popping bottles at the top Bangkok nightlife spots.

How Much Does It Cost to Live?

Again, as much or as little as you want.

In Chiang Mai, you can have a very nice apartment for $250 or so. You’d be unlikely to find something like that in Bangkok.

If you go a little further south to Vietnam, you won’t be staying in a villa in Bali, but you could get a decent apartment in Jakarta or Batam on an English teacher salary.

If you choose to eat a lot of nice sushi out, you’ll be spending $10 a meal. Or, you can buy street food for $1.

It all comes down to the choices YOU choose to make.


Teaching English in Thailand can be a great way to get your foot into living abroad, dating abroad, and becoming a digital nomad. Of course, it has it’s pitfalls…but once you get your hands on a few Thai girls, I think you’ll be willing to let them slide.

It’s a great stepping off point into living life on your own terms, and I’d recommend it to almost anyone who wants to experience all that Thai culture has to offer.

If you’ve got questions, drop ’em below.

PS: If you want to supplement your English teaching salary, it’s incredibly simple to build a blog like this one. A few links to some products that you use can really add some dollars to your bottom line.

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