What’s the Deal with Thai Bar Girls?

For being a place that’s so easy to get laid, Thailand sure can be…complicated. Sure, ordering Thai girls off of the internet is practically like ordering a pizza with a bit of work, but then you’ve got Thai bar girls, hookers, ladyboys…it’s enough to make any sane man shake his head in disbelief.

Sex is supposed to be simple, after all.

The best way to describe Thai bar girls is this: Prostitute Lites.

They are not quite hookers, they tend to be affectionate, and a little bit more “normal girls” but they are not genuine girls. Don’t marry them. Don’t knock them up. In short, don’t do anything crazy.

The #1 Rule of Thai Bar Girls…

Ludacris himself once rapped…

Cant turn a ho into a housewife
Hos don’t act right
There’s hos on a mission, an hoes on a crack-pipe
Hey ho how ya doing, where ya been?
Probably doing ho stuff cause there you ho again
Its a ho wide world, that we living in

That’s the number one rule of dealing with Thai bar women: don’t try to turn a hoe into a housewife. 

I mean, look at this guy. There’s a 50/50 chance he took this girl home and fell in love with her. Do you really think she had feelings for him?

Understanding the Nature of Bar Girls in Thailand

Often times, these girls are hot.

This isn’t a black and white rule, but it holds mostly true. Hot girls hold positions where being hot gets them more tips; both in the monetary and penile sense. Sure, there are some that look like they’ve been hit with a shovel, but most of them are decent looking.

This means that outside of work, they probably have some options with guys. They are quite literally just in the bar game, and sleeping with men as prostitute-lites, for the money. This is important to understanding why you shouldn’t get attached, but also for another point.

If you want her to be genuinely interested in you (and she’ll definitely act the part), you should be a cool, chill guy with his life together. Don’t be like the guy above—horny, fat, and desperate. Of course, the flip side of this is that…

…if you are that guy, why would you need to go after Thai bar girls?

Sure, a romp might be fun, but what’s the point?

You can¬†easily¬†get a high-quality girl who doesn’t sell her body for cash off of a site like Thai Cupid.

Sure, maybe you can talk a Thai bar girl into doing nasty things with you free of charge, but when you think about what she may have done the night before—it loses a bit of the appeal. At least for me—to each their own.

Is She Real?

The thing is, some of these girls are “real”. They may be actually looking for a relationship, and tell you so. There is a fine line between a prostitute and a bar girl, and the sex scene in Thailand is a bit messy to begin with.

Some of these girls are just trying to provide for their family. Perhaps they’re the only breadwinner, the only way food gets put on the table for a family of 5.

Or more.

However, just because they’ll have sex for money doesn’t mean they don’t want that relationship. In fact, if they find the right relationship with a guy who can help fund some of their life, they’d likely jump on that dick ship.

The point is, if they can find that right balance of sugar daddy and relationship, they’ll likely take that over fucking someone new each night for a wad of cash. These girls are not bad people, but I still ask—why?

Getting laid in Thailand is not hard—this site is living, breathing proof of that.

So why take the risk?

Major Scams

While maybe some happy couples end up in relationships, there’s plenty of guys who have bought a house, opened an online business, and moved their life to Thailand for a Thai bar girl.

And then had it all ripped away.

  • Lawsuits.
  • Robberies.
  • General bullshit.

Guys go and buy an entire house and then lose it all the day after they sign their name on the dotted line.

Hell, even in the Western world at least you get half of it (usually).

That won’t be the case when a Thai lawyer and mobster is knocking on your door and telling you that your Thai bar girl has stabbed you in the back and is taking all your shit.


Be very, very wary of Thai bar girls.

You need to have your head screwed on—not off. If you exercise caution, you can probably have some fun with them. Again though, getting laid in Thailand with “normal” girls is not exactly rocket science.

And the last thing I want is to talk rocket science in the bedroom.

Best of luck,

PS: If you want to keep it simple when it comes to your relationships in Thailand, just sign up for Thai Cupid.

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