7 Reasons Why You Don’t Want or Need Thai Hookers

Alright, so, you probably just Googled “Thai hookers” and stumbled across this site that’s telling you that…you don’t want or need them. You were probably hoping for some raunchy porn, or alternatively, a guide on the prostitution scene in Thailand.

BUT, hear me out.

Why would you bother with Thai hookers when sex in Thailand is so damn easy to get.

With that being said, here’s 7 reasons why you don’t need to pay to play when you visit Thailand.

7 Reasons You Don’t Want, or Need, Thai Hookers

#1: Tinder

If I was a girl who sold sex in Thailand I’d want to murder the people who created Tinder. Probably torture them, too.

Tinder has made it possible for every girl in Thailand to hunt for foreigners with absolutely no effort. At least before they had to get dressed up and go to a club or something. Now, every girl can sit at home in her pajamas and get dates with farangs.

But, I’m not a Thai hooker. I’m a guy, so if you are too, here’s what to do.

  1. Download + install Tinder
    1. Set location to Thai city of choice—I’m big on Chiang Mai and Bangkok
  2. Download auto swiper program of choice (test multiple, they’re always changing)
  3. Message hot matches
  4. Meet and bang

You could do this twice a day if you’ve got your shit together.

#2: It’s Dirty

Look, I get it. Hookers get tested all the time and are totally clean. Probably more so than “normal” girls. I can admit that, even if I don’t totally buy it.


If you call her up at 10pm, she’s probably had two different dicks in her that day. At least I can push that thought out of my head with girls from Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. I can kind of┬árationalize to myself that I’m the only guy she’s slept with recently.

Look, I know it’s not true, especially if we have sex within an hour of meeting.

But it’s still a little bit better than a Thai hooker who is booked for the week.

#3: Thai Cupid

Thai bar girls

Which is just as easy to use and get laid as Tinder.

You’ll get girls blowing up your inbox, wanting to go out on dates and fuck you. On top of it, you will find more “traditional” and “nice” girls on Thai Cupid versus Tinder.

If you want a quality girl, start there.

That is the thing—a hooker won’t cook you dinner. And you’ll have to wear one of those dreaded…

#4: Condoms

You should be safe when sleeping around.

I say “should”, but let’s be honest—every playboy slips once in a while. Or often…

The point is, if you get a regular girl who you see consistently, it’s going to come off, and if you’ve screened her well—you’ll feel okay about it. You won’t constantly be checking your dick and praying it’s not on the verge of falling off.

You’re definitely not going to be raw dogging Thai hookers though. Please don’t. Even if she says she got tested yesterday. Just wrap it up, and keep it that way.

In any case, condoms suck. For me, I’d almost rather just jerk off than have sex with a condom. Especially since the condoms in Thailand are not of the highest quality for those of us who are a bit more…fortunate.

So make sure you bring ones from home.

These are my personal favorites:

  • Crown Skin Less

Best to just avoid hookers, where you have to wrap it up. Be careful with girls online, too.

#5: It’s Too Easy

Thai hookers

Seriously, if you’re skilled with the ladies, Thailand is already going to be insanely easy. I’m not against prostitution at all. I think there is a time and place for everything.

But when it’s so easily available in Thailand, I just don’t see the need.

#6: BONUS—Game a Hooker

I will say this as a fun alternative with Thai hookers.

Game them.

Bring your A-game and try to seduce her and get it for free. That’s something every player should have on his bucket list.

Alternatively, you can just try to do it on the Thai bar girls.

#7: Avoiding The Stigma

Do you really want to be the stereotypical guy who goes to Asia for hookers?

It’s an incredibly common stereotype, and…well, it’s true. But there are so many resources out there about how to seduce girls (including this site), that to me it just doesn’t seem necessary.

Better to have the feeling of seducing them and not paying.

My $0.02.

What do you think?

PS:┬áI’d recommend using both Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly in Thailand.

Far better than hoes…

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