Vietnamese Girls vs. Thai Girls

While Thailand has always been the heavy-hitter as far as expat or vacation destinations in Southeast Asia for international playboys, there’s another country that is very much up and coming—Vietnam.

Let’s talk about about the differences between Vietnamese girls and Thai girls.

First off, I’ve written a very comprehensive post about Thai girls (about 5,000 words) – click here to read it.

Make sure you read the post about sex in Vietnam.

In any case, with Vietnam climbing the ranks of desirable destinations, combined with Thailand falling off a bit, it’s worth taking a look at the difference between Vietnamese girls and Thai girls.

Physical Characteristics – Vietnamese Girls vs. Thai Girls

Which girls are hotter?

Simply put, I’d rate Vietnamese girls slightly higher—albeit not by much. And this is because they just have more of a “feminine” look, and I like feminine women. It’s hard to describe in words, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Vietnamese girls just tend to have a “softer”, friendlier face like this:

On the flip side, Thai girls tend to have a bit more of a butterfaced look. And they just don’t look quite as feminine or happy.

These definitely are not perfect comparisons, but I think you can get where I’m going with this. Vietnamese girls just tend to have a slightly prettier face. It’s possible that it’s because of Chinese influence to the North, which is definitely distinctive from the typical Southeast Asian look.

Vietnamese girls tend to have a bit more to love than Thai girls—and this is in a good way. They just have better tits and asses than Thais. But if you’re expecting a Colombia-type of jaw-dropping booty, you’ll still be quite disappointed.

While I’ve been giving Vietnamese girls a lot of love in this opening section, it’s not a huge difference between the women of the two culture. Needless to say, at the highest quality both countries have absolutely stunning women.

If you held a gun to my head, I’d say the average Vietnamese girl falls between a 7 and a 7.5—and the average Thai girl is somewhere between a 6 and a 7.

But, there are other factors that may influence you…

How Easy Are Viet Girls?

Everybody knows now that Thai girls are quite excited about the prospecting of sleeping with a farang.

That’s not the case in Vietnam. Well, they’re excited—but cultural norms dictate that they cannot be promiscuous. This is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, getting fast and easy sex is going to be difficult (although you’ll have zero issues actually getting dates).

While society “forbids” pre-marital sex, there was a point that the western world did that, too.

This just means that girls have sex on the down-low. Meaning that they will not go home with you on the first night you meet in a club, or even on a first date in many cases. You won’t be able to escalate much in public—even holding hands is usually reserved for couples.

Basically, if you’re looking to rack up an insane amount of notches (especially in a short period of time), Vietnam is NOT where you want to go. 

Even after you’ve been, had some experience, and set up a bunch of dates from Vietnam Cupid—it’s still going to be difficult.

Whereas you can fuck a new girl every night of the week in Thailand.

Livability of the Countries

While this post is about Thai girls vs. Vietnamese girls, it’s worth mentioning what it’s like living in the respective countries. While not as important for a short trip, for more permanent expats this can make or break your success with girls (how much you like or dislike a city).

While cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are very modern, the same can’t always be said for Vietnam. First-world amenities are harder to come by and will cost you a pretty penny. This is less likely to happen in Thailand, where the modern expat hub has been around much longer.

Of course, with this also comes a general more “westernization” vibe. This means that girls are definitely going to be banging their fair share of foreign guys, fast food is rampant, and other pitfalls of the west are present. Whereas Vietnam is a bit more traditional and conservative.


It really just depends what you want.

If your goal is to go on a playboy sex spree, Thailand is the places for you.

Vietnam is not.

But, if you’re looking for something a bit more serious, or perhaps even someone to settle down with—I’d highly suggest looking at Vietnam. Even if you just want to base up for a few months and get some work done, you’ll likely be thrilled with the prospects you’ll have.

Any questions? Drop them in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Vietnamese Girls vs. Thai Girls”

  1. Thais are more Chinese than Vietnamese. Thais are originally from China, and Thailand has the largest Chinese population outside of China.

    • @Robert Covington yes . A lot of thais is from south of chinese .i also are thai -chinese (mainland from Dad’s dad (china) ) and Hong kong mother’s father . Even though some cousin from issan but he/she is from china amd also mixed white

    • Not really, Thais are more similar to the Cambodians (Khmer), usually a more golden brown skin, not unlike Pinays. Viets tend to have fairer skin, thanks to Chinese culture (and perhaps some interbreeding).

      It’s not a hard and fast rule though. Both Thailand and Vietnam can be further divided into three regions:

      Thailand: South-Central, Chiangmai, Isaan.
      Vietnam: South, Central, North.

      General rule: Further south = more liberal, cosmopolitan. Further north = fairer, more conservative, more ‘innocent’.

      Vietnam was ravaged by war and is run by the commies, so compared to the Thais, the Viet girls tend to be a bit more ‘modest’ or ‘stoic’, even the party girls.

      To my untrained ears, the Viets talk like ducks, very ‘nasal’ tones. Thai language sounds more pleasant.

      • @Hugh dick You are Thais Ain’t you ? You don’t know my country as well as me know ☺️ Thailand story has Japanese ,Portuguese , Chinese and include America area in issaan of Thailand also .why do I know it as well because I’m Thais ok?

  2. Ok, ive been to Vietnam 8 times, spent at least 6-7 months, mostly in saigon. I had a gf long distance for a year, and was with her in vienam for two months of that time. I also dated other girls for shorter periods of time. I have friends of both genders,.and two of them are very close friends. Here is what I will say about Vietnam; basically what you said is true. But, if you want to get a really beautiful and nice body girl, who is 165 cm and 47kg…that kind of body, really hot, in other words, it is almost impossible, unless you are rich or spend alot…and I mean…alot of money on them. My ex is 165, naturally big boobs which I have not seen on a skinny girl of her height elsewhere in Vietnam, and beautiful face and skin. No fat on her stomache at all, a knockout. However, all of the other girls I was with were not in her class as far as beauty. The ones I had sex with other than her we’re maybe 7/10, maybe one in TR 8/10 range maximum, where my ex is a 9/10. In Thailand on the other hand, you can get laid by 8’s without much effort, and 9’s with some effort, without paying for sex. I’d say in both countries you will have to pay to fuck a 10/10, unless you meet a girl 10/10 and you have alot of money and will marry her, or date her for awhile, and in essence spend alot of money on her in the process anyways. Ok, in conclusion, I am not judging these women through my reply here, I have not made one judgement, but merely given my experience and what I’ve seen. By the way, just in case someone wants to say it is based on the man’s own attractiveness, I am a 6foot3, 180 pound attractive white male, with a full head of hair, so I am not bald. I have everything on my side in terms of attractiveness. I would say if you want to find a hot gf, it is muccccccch easier in Thailand . Honestly, my ex was a rare case and I was in the right place at the right time, and I did not meet her in a bar or club. Vietnam is still stuck in it’s traditional heirarchy, and much aristocracy exists in the realm of beautiful women and rich men. I would love to see what other non backpackers, but long term travellers and residents in Vietnam can add to this, because by no means am I a hackpacker, or short term Traveller.

    • The younger South East Asian girls like Korean guys now.. especially with k-pop and dramas taking over the scene over Hollywood… as a Korean-American I have no problem in any Asian countries. 🙂


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